Shake your tinsel and dust of those baubles...

Shake your tinsel and dust of those baubles...
Event Inspiration | 16-09-2022 | Posted By Ryan Lee

With celebrations in 2021 stalling somewhat, it's time to really let out the Festive spirit in 2022!

DID YOU KNOW - 82% of our Christmas Events are booked by October! Don't miss your chance to celebrate Christmas with The Fun Experts!

Let's get your party started!

Bringing back the office Christmas Party

Are you ready to celebrate with your colleagues. No Zoom or Teams or Google the flesh fun with Secret Santa and that festive staple - the office Christmas Party!

The office Christmas Party - we all have one! Whether it's a night on the town or booking a venue and inviting some entertainment. Or perhaps it's in the actual office - it's in the name after all! 

The Fun Experts can help you entertain and throw a Christmas party to remember with a variety of fun, festive themed entertainment. For the office, big or small, or a fancy venue, we have added a Christmas spin too many of our year round favourites including the Magic Mirrors and Cash Grabbers. If you're in need of some festive decoration, our Winter Wonderland areas and theming are a must. And then there is more fun to be had with Roll A Ball Reindeer Racing, Gold Cup Reindeer Racing and so much more!

CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT - If you book your office Christmas Party to take place Monday - Wednesday in November or December, you'll be booking at a discounted rate...meaning you could include more fun! Or a better Secret Santa gift!

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