It's Happiness at Work Week!

It's Happiness at Work Week!
News Articles and Talks | 20-09-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

At The Fun Experts, we know the importance of having colleagues who are happy to come into work in the morning and a chunk of our time in the office is spent ensuring other businesses are also having fun in the workplace, as statistics show happy employees are 12% more productive and twice as likely to stay in their jobs. With it being 'Happiness at Work Week', this week is a more important time than ever to highlight the ways in which you can introduce smiles and happiness to the workplace, as well as ways we have done the same. We aren't called The Fun Experts for nothing!

Practicing what we preach...

Since we spend so much time talking about ways that you can have fun at work and in turn produce happy employees, you might be wondering what The Fun Experts do for their own? Well, every day is a fun one for us because even the smallest things can make a difference, whether sharing a joke, making a good brew, bringing in a sweet treat or going for a walk together these are all things that we do that can make people's days a little brighter, and you can too! 

Aside from the little things, we also love a staff event or night out. The latest being a Family Fun Day straight out of our own warehouse, where staff got the chance to have some fun of their own and show their families what we get up to at work as well as being acknowledged for their event achievements during the awards ceremony. While we love providing the fun, sometimes it's nice for it to be brought to us and we'll go out and take part in bowling, karaoke or for a meal, as having a healthy balance of fun in and out of the office is key to having happy colleagues. 

How can we help? 

Have you ever found yourself sat at your desk, bored, burnt out, feeling unmotivated and uninspired? The Fun Experts are making it their mission to make sure you never feel like that. You always need time during your day to unwind and enjoy yourself in the company of your colleagues and we have the equipment that provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. A huge variety of Tabletop Games and Interactive Challenges could be just the addition to the office you need, allowing you and your fellow employees to spend your lunch breaks away from your screens and instead taking part in some friendly competition. There's no need to worry about distractions as our range of games will refresh and focus foggy brains, energising staff before they return to their work. What's more? Statistics say that companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%, so it's a win-win!

Want to boost morale in your workplace and improve productivity? The Fun Experts know how to help! Get in touch today to produce happy employees who enjoy coming into work not just during 'Happiness at Work Week' but all year round.