New Products Alert!

New Products Alert!
News Articles and Talks | 07-02-2019 | Posted By Camille Bradshaw

With Will currently on a secret mission with his fellow Fun Experts®, our very own Sales and Product Development Manager Camille is here to bring you some exciting news for this week's blog that's sure to get some fun ideas flowing through your offices.

Now if there's one thing I know (and know very well), it's what type of products create the biggest buzz, and even bigger fun in and around the office. Therefore, I have made it my mission to bring all our Sunshiners the most exciting, FUNtastic and engaging products possible.

Everything Comes in Threes

Pixel Play

First up, the latest addition to Sunshine HQ and a Fun Expert® favourite (addiction) is our Pixel Play! Boasting 674 individual light up pixels, this reimagining of a classic brings you all of those games you played for hours and hours on your handy Atari 2600. 

The Pixel Play comes with four built-in games guaranteed to keep you and your friends entertained for hours. These include Pixel Art, Pixel Pong, Pixel Paint and Pixel Python, not to mention a two-player Vs mode. With the Pixel Play sitting in our reception area, it does take me particularly longer just to make a brew due to the "distractions".


Next up we have something so full of fun you get just as much delight being in the audience as you do actually playing! That comes in the form of our lightning fast reaction game Strike-A-Light. 

Perfect for both Corporate Events or even a little in-office competition, the Strike-A-Light puts two contenders together in seeing who can press their lights off within 30 seconds quicker than their opponent. 

If that wasn't competitive enough, there is also Strike it Back! The aim of the game is to get all of your lights onto the other side whilst simultaneously hitting the lights your opponent has just struck over to you.

Fast, engaging and fun, the Strike-A-light is a great bit of kit if you're looking to add some excitement amongst your clients and employees. 

Top Doc 

Finally, we have Top Doc, just like the classic Operation...ONLY 10x BIGGER!

Does everyone remember the aim of the game? unlike Strike-A-Light, Top Doc requires more of a steady hand and nerves of steel. With the power of Electromagnetism, use the metal wand to remove the problematic ailments from your lifesize patient. 

HOWEVER! careful not to touch the metal sides otherwise your medical mistake is going to cost you a point, cut the Electromagnetic current and you will be greeted by a roaring klaxon to "gently" remind you of your blunder. 

Bonus Product

Now, as your Director of Fun, I know that surprises are also a great source of fun and here at Sunshine HQ we have a great surprise for you! 

So we won't tell you what it is (yet), but can you guess what it is from this Gif? Be sure to let us know! 

A key part of any business is engaging your employees and that's a core goal of mine here at Sunshine Events, if you would like to know more you can visit our Fun at Work blog if you're looking for some employee engagement ideas.