A to Z of Events: G is For...

A to Z of Events: G is For...
Event Inspiration | 04-02-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Hello Sunshiner! Friendly Fun Expert® Will here back again with another A to Z of Events, this week we will be looking at the letter G! 

"Slow down Will! You forgot to cover the letter F"  

Au contraire my fellow Sunshiner, in fact, we covered the letter F in one of our recent blogs focusing on January 28th's National Fun at Work Day! So now we've got that out of the way, let's get right into the letter G.

When the Fun Experts were thinking about the letter G, we found it to be a particularly tough one. We had so many ideas but really there was one we just had to cover, (drum roll......) G is for Giant! particularly, our Giant Games.

Here at Sunshine Events we are always looking to increase the Fun factor with our clients,  and sometimes it may not mean thinking outside the box, but more let's make that box bigger! 

Giant Kerplunk

Always one to be pioneers and innovating ways om which we conduct fun, we present to you our Giant Kerplunk! After our Fun Experts took the classic household game into their Fun Factory (cue the A-Team Theme Music), out came a huge reimagining of the classic!

Our Giant Kerplunk can fit perfectly into any event, whether it be a summers Family Fun Day or just an indoor Team Building activity, our Giant Kerplunk is guaranteed to be the centre of attention for your event.

Giant Chess

Whether an expert of the craft or a novice looking to fine tune their skills, our Giant Chess adds a whole new dynamic to a game so deeply rooted in history even Time team struggle to dig up its origins!   

Long gone are the days of having a birds-eye view of the whole game, now you must get in an amongst your Bishops, King and Queen if you plan on walking away the victor. Perfect for both Family Fun Days and Corporate Entertainment ideas, our Giant Chess hire is guaranteed to draw in crowds both young and mature!

Giant DeckChair

Sometimes people just want to sit in their own Deckchair and of course at Sunshine Events, we have hundreds available to hire for your event! But what about when you fancy sharing a Deckchair with your friend, significant other or your Dad having a midafternoon snooze? 

Look no further fellow Sunshiner, We present our Giant Deckchair! Whether looking for that perfect group picture for the gram or just looking for somewhere to rest your feet, our Giant Deckchair offers both comfort and style for you and up to two other friends to soak up that summertime sun!

Still unsure? Come visit our Giant Games section and see how big our FUNtastic box of tricks can truly be!

Next week!

Now that we've got the letter G crossed off of our list, your friendly Fun Experts will be back once again next week looking at the letter H.