Holding your event...

Holding your event...
Health & Safety | 21-10-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

...within current guidelines.

It was a question we asked at the start of the pandemic, one we revisited and covered in more depth as further restrictions came in to place and it's one we revisit again...

Can I organise an Event?

Truth be told, when you've planned your event and booked with The Fun Experts , you've already done so with the upmost caution and in line with guidance. But with further announcements from 10 Downing Street that began on 9th September with the 'Rule of 6' being implemented and the more recent introduction of the 3 Tier system, it's given us reason to want to revisit this question. 

These announcements have without question caused further caution within the events industry (and many others), however, prior to this the guidance around events was clear (there is just a lot of guidance, rule and law you need to read through) - of course, we should say we aren't solicitors here at The Fun Experts and this is not legal advice).

Our very own Covid Secure Measures will continue to remain in place and our service remains unaffected in the ability to be able to deliver our service to you - Safely! With Christmas ever closer too, you may want to take a look at our Covid Secure Christmas entertainment ideas.

As has been the case throughout, the ultimate factor is around that of Social Distancing and ensuring that steps are in place to mitigate the risk of transmission. In doing this we protect those most vulnerable and support the NHS.

So let's take a look at the finer detail...

Can I hold an event?

The short answer...Yes! OK, there are certain events that unfortunately just can't continue, it isn't feasible if we are to remain safe. It's here we should probably remind you of the following...

Let's address the term Event - it's quite a generic one isn't. A word that acts as a sort of umbrella as an event can be anything from a Football Match to a Festival, a Business Conference to a Birthday Party, a Community Fun Day to a Product Launch in a Shopping Centre and so, so much more! For those of you who have worked with The Fun Experts you already know that it's within a variety of events that we can service our fun, event equipment hire. This can be where the purpose is Employee Engagement within your office, many experiences where we can share our knowledge, experience and fun event equipment hire.

As is the case with all events we've delivered in the last 16 years, there is a genuine purpose to your event, don't forget that - this isn't a 'social'!

Along with our own information, you can read an excellent review of the current guidance and how it affects your event plans here. We should of course remind you, we are not lawyers, we're Fun Experts and this is not legal advice.

So what can you take away from all of this information? Yes, you can hold your event, your experience...providing you follow the correct guidelines and have the right measures in place. So remember:

  • Show you are Covid Compliant
  • Ensure the correct measures are in place, complete a thorough Risk Assessments
  • Where possible or necessary, work with your local council.
  • Work with a trusted supplier / venue who can prove their own Covid Secure Measures.
  • Remember the purpose of your event
  • Think outside the Box

We understand that there may still be caution, you will no doubt have questions as to not only how you can hold your event but what measures we have in place: That's why our team of Fun Experts are here for you! When speaking to Camille and her team at the start of your journey as you enquire, right through to our dedicated Logistics Team, headed up by Operations Manager Billy Williamson - The Fun Experts are more than happy to talk about your event in depth and the safe steps you can take.

Speak to us today, you can call us direct on 0800 086 2380 or start your journey online, right here.