4 Ways The Fun Experts can help you...

4 Ways The Fun Experts can help you...
Event Inspiration | 24-09-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Though we hope we've experienced the worse of it, the possibility of 6 months' further restrictions brings with it challenges. Whether or not you expected it, the challenges faced by the coming months is still quite a blow and we're sure for some, it feels like another rug pull from under your feet when further restrictions are introduced. BUT...we have adapted, we know how to navigate through this in some ways and remain safe. Together we've shared heartwarming stories of how communities have come together, some businesses thrive and people carry on in a safe way.

The Fun Experts wanted to share with you 4 ways that we can help support you, your friends & family, your colleagues and employees, your customers, your suppliers - you and your people! 

1. Fun Boxes

Given current times, you've no doubt been looking for the solution in supporting and keeping engaged your colleagues, your employees, suppliers and customers...the idea of nurturing wellbeing has been truly tested these last few months, and it would seem there is still a journey ahead.

The Fun Experts at Fun Depot have a solution for you, and not just one for the workplace, as it benefits home life too!

With a variety of themes available - including 'Wellbeing', 'Working From Home', 'Christmas', to name but a few - the launch of the new Fun Boxes have become a stellar hit! Each box has been designed with a purpose to not only introduce fun, but support the wellbeing of you and those around you - injecting a healthy dose of happiness!

Delivered direct to your door, the Fun Boxes are for everyone! Whether it's a letterbox gift you want to send out to family or a perk for employees. You can find out more information direct from The Fun Experts at Fun Depot here.


2. Some trusted Sunshine

For over 17 years, you have trusted The Fun Experts at The Fun Experts in delivering safe, secure fun at your Event. Nothings changed - keeping up to date with what the current guidelines and ensuring your event can continue is top of Operations Manager,  Billy Williamson's priority list and most importantly, he's here to share this knowledge with you - as is each and every Fun Expert.

We appreciate that it's difficult in knowing what you can and can't do, especially when it comes to your event. And with Christmas just around the corner, what does that mean for your annual festive celebrations. One thing to remember is you can carry on...

It's been a pleasure to see the positivity generated in the events that we've continued to deliver:

"I was a little unsure at first as to how we might go about holding our event, but with everything in place and the advice, everyone was able to enjoy themselves safely. Thank you Fun Experts - it was much needed fun!"

David Jones

Rest assured that we can work with you in line with Government guidance and our own Covid Secure Measures to deliver a safe experience...and still remain fun!

If you'd like to book a call with Billy to discuss Covid Secure Measures at your event, then let's do it!

3. Virtual Events

A recent survey undertaken by The Fun Experts showed that 60% of you are working from home - for some it's been a constant since March, for others you had a chance to get back in to the office to then be working at home again. Whichever way you look at it, we're sure that the idea of Zoom and connecting virtually with colleagues and even friends or family has started to wane a little.

But, there are still plenty of fresh ideas and new experiences you can try virtually. Allow us to inspire you with some new experiences and reignite your people!

You can speak to Camille and her team directly or take a look first at what's to offer here...every virtual experience is unique as it's revolves around you and your purpose, your need!   

4. Christmas

We think it's safe to say we're all heading for Santa's nice list this year! As the festive season fast approaches, the distraction of what Christmas means and the build up to it is one filled with fun! Incorporating all of the above, you really can make Christmas 2020 something special and one to remember!

From our very own Elf on the Shelf visiting your office overnight to provide a Winter Wonderland setting in your office to Virtual Secret Santa, Santa's Grotto appearing in your garden and a picturesque Christmas Card opportunity with the Christmas Giant Snow Globe, there is an abundance of ways The Fun Experts can help you celebrate. One of the most popular ways of celebrating Christmas already is going to be when the Christmas themed Fun Box lands on doorsteps and colleagues open them up together virtually for a Virtual Christmas do!

With strict measures in place to ensure a safe festive season, you can be sure that Christmas is most definitely NOT cancelled.

If you'd like to speak to us about the ways in which The Fun Experts can help you in your engagement plans, celebrating Christmas, nurturing wellbeing and simply injecting a healthy dose of fun, then...