Can I organise an event?

Can I organise an event?
Health & Safety | 03-08-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Keep Calm Events Can Carry On

You're no doubt asking yourself "Can I hold an event again?"; "Should I hold an event again?"; "When???"

The answer...Yes; if you like; and now, next month or next year - the when is up to you!

For many of us, we're led to believe that events and gatherings of more than 30 people are banned. However, there is a detail here that many of us are missing, and that is the circumstances in which a gathering is taking place. There are exceptions for specific events! And we want to help you understand what you can do during current times, all the while ensuring that you, your guests and our Events Team feel safe and are fully protected at all times.

"Businesses and venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host larger groups. This is also the case for events in public outdoor spaces that are organised by businesses, charitable or political organisations, and public bodies, provided they take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with COVID-19 secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment."


We are all trying to do our part to stay safe during current times and protect those around us. We are also trying to 'carry on' in this new normal in a safe and secure way. For over 16 years, you have trusted the Fun Experts to deliver our 5* service to you time & time again - now it's time to trust us even more.

Here we cover where your events can take place looking at Outdoor, Indoor, Offices and Private spaces and how you can make use of our service of fun, event equipment hire and hold your event. All the while ensuring that Social Distancing is observed and measures are in place to mitigate transmission - it can be done!

Events* - Before we continue, we should perhaps address the term Event too. It's quite a generic term isn't it: one used to cover a broad range of, well, events. For those that have worked with The Fun Experts in the past and look to in the future, though we use the word Event, this is very different to that of a festival or a football match and it's within the variety of events that we can service with our fun, event equipment hire where we can support you and instil confidence in what you're able to do. From Employee Engagement and Team Building to Private Parties and other outdoor events and experiences, we share our knowledge on what steps you need to take so your plans can still go ahead.


Can I organise an event?

We're not going to treat this as a trick question and say "of course, you can plan an event - the planning comes before so let's start planning now". The ultimate question is, can you hold an event full-stop. And the answer is yes...providing it's safe to do so and you follow the thing remains clear throughout and that is of social distancing and ensuring you have implemented Covid Secure measures.

Typically, to hold an event you need a space whether it be indoors or outdoors, a guest list, a purpose and (this is where we usually come in) fun entertainment. What follows will shed more light on what you can do and the variety of events that can take place during current times, and what The Fun Experts have done so you can trust in our own Covid Secure service.


Outdoor Events

One key message that has come from the guidance provided by Government is that around outdoor public spaces and what can take place - given the environment, outdoor spaces are a safer area for your event to take place in. Especially those within a public, open setting - not a private back garden (more on that to come below). It's easier to implement and maintain social distancing within this environment.

"Businesses and venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host larger groups. This is also the case for events in public outdoor spaces..."


In such a space it is easier for individuals or a household to socially distance from others. In organising your event in an outdoor public space (whether you're looking to hold it in a public park with the support of your council, a hired venue that has a large open ground such as a village hall / social club) not only can you follow the guidance laid out by the Government, you can introduce fun safely.

There are some key elements that you must implement as part of your event and we touch on these below (see: Your Covid-19 Checklist below) and within an outdoor space it is much safer and easier to implement these (for e.g Social Distancing).

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our equipment is Covid Secure and we freely share this information with you, but what we will also do is support you with advice on what measures you and your venue should look to take to ensure that you comply with the guidance set out.

Recently, Public Health England monitored an event that took place and was a huge success, specifically in terms of being Covid Secure and safe for guests. Following guidelines drawn up by the Event Industry Forum, the event which took place over the weekend of 31st July - 2nd August 2020, saw some 5,000 people attend and considered safe and successful!

What type of event can I organise Outdoors?

Summer is often the season of the outdoor Family Fun Day. This can still happen, providing you have in place certain measures to follow guidance in making it Covid Secure. The event should take place outdoors in a good space (and be able to cater to social distancing measures that support your guest list number). Speaking of guest list, it should be just this so you can not only take details for Track & Trace purposes but can perhaps also stagger arrival times. Though good communication through signage and workers of your event to support queueing and social distancing will be key.

With a variety of equipment for guests to enjoy, these would be supervised by The Fun Experts (where necessary) who can support controlled queuing systems and follow their training in terms of the use of each fun piece of entertainment.

A Covid-19 Risk Assessment should be undertaken and take into account all the measures you have put in place to mitigate transmission - again, see the Covid-19 Checklist below.

For more advice on your Covid Secure Outdoor Event - Speak to The Fun Experts today!


Employee Engagement / Office Events

For those of us who have returned to work, we have each put in place our own Covid Secure measures. These will include Social Distancing and Hygiene Stations and you will have undertaken a Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of your employees is at the forefront.

Having gone some way to make your working environment safe and secure for your people, after having gone through such recent times (and continuing to do so), you'll no doubt be looking at ways to keep morale high within your teams.

The Fun Experts at Fun At Work and Fun Depot have each created fantastic ways in which you can do just this, through introducing Fun At Work itself and it's Covid Secure measures, or our new Fun Boxes recently released at Fun Depot.

Then of course there is our traditional fun from The Fun Experts. Again, we have implemented change in how we can deliver our service to you in a safe way, but just as importantly how you - within your office space - can enjoy the fun to be had. Taking into account the social distancing that you have introduced into your own business, along with following guidance for your working environment around activity times, there are an array of options available to inject fun back in to our working days.

What type of event can I organise at work?

Employee Engagement and the wellbeing of your people is ever more important - if your teams are coming back to the office there are a number of ways that you can boost morale and bring valued fun to your working environment. To be completely honest, it's best to speak to us direct with this as we cater the experience bespoke to your needs. Suffice to say whether it's a day of (Covid Secure) team building or something longer term, The Fun Experts have the solution you need.

For more advice on Employee Engagement plans - Speak to The Fun Experts today!


Indoor Events

We've touched on your working environment and down below if you're planning a private party, but there are other scenarios where you would need to hold your event indoors. These can still be serviced and you can still plan your event indoors, however you must be ever more diligent. You must be sure you speak to your venue and work with them in terms of ensuring that the three key areas of safety (see below's checklist) are in place.

"...premises or locations which are COVID-19 Secure will be able to hold more than 30 people, subject to their own capacity limits. Where gatherings have more than 30 people, those operating venues should take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public...Although gatherings of more than 30 people are permitted in a COVID-19 Secure premises (where they can do so safely), attendees should socially distance from those they don’t live with, including other people they know, for example, in a community centre or place of worship."


As you can see from the Government guidance, it is possible for you to hold your event within an indoor area (for e.g multi purpose community facilities), providing you / the venue has undertaken a through Covid Secure Risk Assessment and that guidelines around Social Distancing are implemented and followed.

What type of event can I organise indoors?

"Premises such as activity clubs, community centres and youth clubs can reopen, and should follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines. It is important to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene in these circumstances."


We understand the restrictions that are still in place for Weddings and we sympathise with those who have had to postpone or cancel their big day. Given the purpose of a wedding, the close proximity and boundaries that can be broken in terms of social distancing in often confined spaces, we do understand.

However, there are still events that can continue Indoors with the correct measures in place and in the main, ensuring that social distancing is observed at all times. Be sure you your indoor space can accomodate your expected footfall, while ensuring that Social Distancing measures aren't compromised. Whether in an office space (employee engagement events) or a village hall for example, providing you undertake a thorough Risk Assesment of your event and Covid Secure measures are in place, your indoor event will abide by guidelines set out.

For more advice on your Covid Secure Indoor Event - Speak to The Fun Experts today!


Private Parties

Current guidelines stipulate that no more than two households can come together in a private space (your bubble counts as one household). So, you can still have some fun in the back garden and this is perhaps one of the safest and easiest event types to cater for in some respects (both from our own point of view and yours).

" are able to meet indoors in groups of up to two households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household). This includes inviting people from one household into your home or visiting the home of someone else with members of your own household."


We have a variety of equipment, each having undergone a Covid Secure review, which is ideal to enjoy in the summer sun as we stay home. Whether it is just for your household (your bubble), or you are opening up your home to visitors from one other household, you can still invite The Fun Experts in to this private space.

What type of event can I organise in my Private space? 

One for the kids - with your usual go to Birthday party location likely closed, a more intimate affair for your household / bubble is the way to go. With a variety of fun entertainment available and suitable for a variety of ages, 2020 see's celebrations come home (literally!). Oh, and Christmas is on the horizon too!

For more advice on your Private Party plans - Speak to The Fun Experts today!


What have The Fun Experts done to become Covid Secure?

We've been keeping you up to date throughout the entirety of this journey and the steps that The Fun Experts have taken to provide a Covid Secure service. These have included:

  • Training each of The Fun Experts in our own Covid Secure safety guidelines (inline with Government advice)
  • A complete product review - all pieces of fun entertainment hire have gone through a Covid Secure review.
  • Event Teams fully equipped with Covid-19 Kits - including PPE and industry recognised covid cleaning materials
  • Updated Risk Assessments
  • Strict cleaning regime of equipment - before, during and after hire


Your Covid-19 Checklist

When you organise your event, there are three key things that you need to be sure are in place. This could be organised by the venue you hire (as certain elements may be expected of them) or something you need to put in place if using an outdoor public area.

  • Social Distancing - This is key! This is our new normal, remaining 1 plus metres away from others. You can help support this with signage, queuing systems and have staff on hand to help support Social Distancing rules. Don't just assume everyone knows, put these measures in place.
  • Contact Tracing (Track & Trace) - When you hold your event, you may be required to take details of those attending. If you have a 'guest-list' this should be very simple to do. Whether you gather the information prior to the event taking place or as they arrive. Take their Names, Address, Telephone Number and Email.
  • Hygiene - We all know the line "Wash your hands for 20 seconds". And if you can't, hand sanitiser should be used. You should have Sanitation Stands clearly present and accessible to all. Current guidelines stipulate Face Masks are needed to be worn on Public Transport and shops. You may wish to impose this on your event also - it doesn't take away from the fun of it! 

You must of course, as we have touched on throughout, perform a Covid Secure Risk Assessment of your event, ensuring that the three measures above are in place and how these are monitored before and during. 

The Government has issued the following advice when taking part in activities with larger groups, all of which is supported by the above checklist.

"If taking part in activities with larger groups, you should take particular care to follow social distancing guidelines. In addition to those guidelines, the following principles should be observed to ensure you meet people in a way that minimises the risk of spreading infection:

  • limit the time you spend interacting with people from outside your household or support bubble to the activity which you are partaking in
  • limit the number of different activities which you partake in succession to reduce the potential chain of transmission
  • group size should be limited to the minimum which allows the activity to take place
  • maintain high standards of hand hygiene
  • if organising an activity, you should carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment to identify actions which could minimise the risk of transmission. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety.
  • you are also strongly encouraged to wear a face covering in other enclosed public spaces where social distancing may be difficult and where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet"


In short...

The Fun Experts have always put the safety of our clients, their guests and our own people at the forefront of everything we do. During current times, we have adapted our service to ensure that we can still deliver much needed fun to you and it is possible to host an event or experience in different environments, providing the correct measures are in place (social distancing, hygiene and tracing). Because during current times, it is our wellbeing that needs to be cared for and that can still happen when following the guidance laid out by Government.

In a socially distanced world, we can still come together in ways to celebrate, engage and support one another through the events we can deliver.

What's Next?

Talk to us! Whatever your plans are for your event, we're here to support you where we can. We will share with you every measure we have in place to instil that confidence that you and your guests are safe in using our fun, event equipment hire. But we can also provide you with advice on what you need to look at in holding your event in current times.

We're here for you so feel free to call us or send in your enquiry online and we'll be more than happy to share advice about your event plans.

Information shared has been taken from guidance as per Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance found on Other sources include NHS and Public Health England. This information is inline with guidance provided for England.