Celebrate Cotton Candy Day On December 7th

Celebrate Cotton Candy Day On December 7th
Event Inspiration | 24-11-2015 | Posted By James Sandwell

If you love pulling chunks of candy floss from a stick or out of a bag and reminiscing about days spent at the fair or at the seaside as a child, December 7th is the day for you, as on this day each year Cotton Candy is celebrated!

Cotton Candy, also known as Candy Floss, Fairy Floss, Papa’s beard and even Old Woman’s Hair is made by spinning flossine sugar. The first records of Candy Floss in Europe date back to the 18th century, with it becoming popular in 1904 after the invention of the candy floss spinning machine we are all now familiar with. It was in April of that year that Candy Floss was taken to the World’s Fair where over 68,000 boxes were sold for 25 cents each (approx £4 today), which was half the cost of admission! It was clear from this day onwards that candy floss would be extremely popular for people of all ages.

If this has got you craving some of the fluffy goodness, we can certainly help! At Sunshine Events, we have a great selection of Candy Floss options for your event amongst lots of other sweet treats.

Our Candy Floss Carts are a great feature at any event. Your guests can grab a stick (or bag) of the sugary stuff from our friendly fun experts, or see a demonstration on how to make the Candy Floss, before having a go themselves.

If popcorn is more your bag (get it?!), then our Popcorn Trolleys and carts are just the thing for your event, whether it be a birthday party, wedding or corporate event. That sweet smell of popcorn will draw all of your guests in and have them coming back for more and more!

If you simply can’t make your mind up, our Candy Floss and Popcorn carts allow you to indulge in both treats from one cart!

If you really want to be taken back to those childhood days of filling up a paper bag with your favourite sweet treats, we have a fantastic range of sweets on our Pick and Mix Carts to sweeten your guests taste buds. If your event has a specific colour scheme or theme, we can offer you a range of sweets that tie in with that to offer on your Candy Buffet Cart.  We also offer Personalised Rock for that really unique touch.

Our sweet treats don’t stop there though, if you are planning an event for next summer and would like a sweet treat to cool your guests down, our Ice Cream Bike Hire will do just that! Alternatively, if you would like a healthier treat, check out our Fruit Selection Carts.

If you’d like some inspiration, or you really want to tease yourself, be sure to have a look at our Fun Food Gallery!

For any help or guidance with any aspect of your event, or if you do indeed what to celebrate Cotton Candy Day with us, contact our fun experts!