Top Tips For Surviving Your Office Christmas Party

Top Tips For Surviving Your Office Christmas Party
Event Planning Advice | 07-12-2015 | Posted By James Sandwell

The office party season is in full swing but when it comes to mixing work and pleasure it can be easy to do and say things we come to regret the next day. We are always very careful in our advice to fellow co-workers, have fun, be yourself and keep it professional. But, when exactly does having fun become a little too much fun? 

You are indeed skating the fine line between having fun and bad behaviour when dancing up against the office flirt as you shot endless rounds of tequila. Here at Sunshine Events, as the Christmas Entertainment experts, we have put together a list of top tips to ensure your career survives the festive season. You’re welcome! 

Know your limits

You obviously want to relax, unwind and enjoy your Christmas party but slurring your words as you struggle to walk is dangerous, not just for your safety, but your future work happiness. It is important to remember every drink you consume will eventually break down all barriers, shattering your efforts to remain ahem... sensible. 

The best way to protect your professional image is to monitor your drinking. This is easier said than done when trying your best to keep up with your fellow work colleagues, especially the ones who can drink you under the table. 

Make friends 

This is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, leave behind the usual suspects and network with your co-workers. You won’t get penalised for showing an interest in others, in the hope you can work better together. If the MD notes you are investing time in getting to know your co-workers and what they do, that’s a big tick in the promotional prospects box. 

Be Professional 

There’s a big difference between having a cheeky pint down the pub with your friends on a weekend, and attending a formal office gathering. You may, for example, make humorous jokes with your friends that simply aren’t work appropriate. The danger is slipping into the pattern of repeating these in a strictly working environment. Never say or do what you wouldn’t say or do come Monday in the office.

Be Gracious

It’s all too easy to raise your expectations when it comes to the boss staging a social gathering. The chances are you have worked yourself into the ground this year; all those late nights, extra hours and efforts to impress are about to pay off. 

Unfortunately, your high expectations are about to be dashed with a second class restaurant followed by your local boozer. Regardless of how disappointed you may feel, someone has gone to the effort of providing something and taking time out of their schedule to organise a break from the office. Thank them for everything and be grateful you have an office party to attend. 

Whether you’re looking to bring something unique to a party or would like to make a suggestion in regards to your office Christmas party, we can provide you with a whole host of Christmas Products that will ensure your event is full of cheer!