What are the benefits to having a summer event?

What are the benefits to having a summer event?
Event Planning Advice | 23-05-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

"When is the best time to host my event" is a question we get a lot here at Fun Towers and the answer to that can be very subjective, such as, who is it for? And, what are your fundamental aims? These are all questions you need to ask yourself during the planning process.

Whatever the case may be, this latest blog from your Fun Experts is here to outline the plethora of benefits when it comes to hosting your event in the summer. Whether it's a family fun day or a corporate event, we will cover those advantages that are just sitting there waiting for you. 

 First things first, we will start by looking at the benefits of hosting a Corporate Event during the Summer.

Moral Booster

Hosting a family fun day for your corporate clients and employees can have a significant and positive impact upon their overall morale and attitude. Being able to spend time with their family and friends in the sun not only boosts their Vitamin-D levels but does release chemicals such as Dopamine and Serotonin that result in an increase in happiness. It is this higher level of happiness that you are guaranteed to see walk through the office that following day!

Team building

As well as strengthening relationships, there is also the opportunity to bolster teamwork amongst employees or departments that would not normally get the opportunity to work together. Much like strengthening relationships, this can increase overall productivity and efficiency within the workplace. Team Building equipment such as a Wipeout, Inflatable Assault course or Giant Puzzle Cube are perfect for engaging your teams. 


Nothing says having a great time like sharing an ice cold drink in the summer sun with friends, so why should it be any different with your clients? Use the summer to your advantage, host an event and invite current and prospective clients and engage in the opportunity to network.  To have an event that brings your personal life and work life together should never be passed up when there are new partnerships to be made.


What better way to show appreciation for the hard work and creativity that your employees bring to the company than by hosting a summer party that says "thank-you". No matter what, it is always important to make sure that their achievements have not gone unnoticed. Things such as themed awards evenings and celebrations can have a huge ROI when it comes to your employees over productivity. 

So how about we now move onto summer fun days? From what we have seen over our time as Fun Experts, Fun days can come in all shapes and sizes. however, you may be thinking what are the pro's when you ask yourself "why should I host it during the summer?" Well...

Fun For All!

Whether you're hosting an event for a couple of hundred or an event for a few thousand, the possibilities are endless when it comes to providing the fun, especially when it comes to a very wide age range and you want to ensure everyone has a great experience. Maybe you would like something for your younger audiences? How about a child-sized inflatable Bouncy Castle, better yet, an Inflatable climbing wall? (seriously, the possibilities are endless!)

On the flip side, maybe your guests are slightly maturer and you're looking for something that will raise some pulses? that's where things such as our Total Wipeout or the Bungee Run are just perfect when you want to bring some competition to the sunshine. 


Now, if you're lucky enough to have children who are still in school, you will know that in the summertime the school gates open, the classroom doors shut and they get set free for 6-8 weeks. Therefore, if you are hoping for a big turnout for your event, be it 100 or 1000 there's no time more perfect than the summer holidays!  

Perfect(ish) British Weather

This one a difficult one to predict, we have all (unfortunately) experienced the unpredictability of the great British weather. One minute we have torrential rains similar to the African Rain Forest, the other it can be hotter than the Australian outback. However, when you catch that British sunshine that will turn your great summer event into an amazing summer experience. 

Furthermore, if you're thinking about hosting an event during the winter and Christmas periods but don't have to know what benefits they hold then fear not! We will have a blog coming soon outlining all the benefits to be had with winter events.