"Where are your prices?"

"Where are your prices?"
News Articles and Talks | 23-05-2019 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Welcome back to our series of "You Ask, We Answer". This week we will be looking at something we get asked from some of our clients, which is "Where are your prices?". Many times on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on the phone, we get queries such as "How much does your VR cost?" or "What's the daily price?"

At Sunshine Events, we understand that every event is different: be it the location, the products, the themes... no two events are the same.  As such, we have to take into account all these different factors before providing you with a bespoke quote and so our prices are not displayed on the website.

Now you may be asking the question "What are the hidden costs?". You are right to be sceptical, however this blog is going to highlight why we do this and why this actually provides more transparency from us, as well as help you get a better overall price as opposed to what others may offer.

Hidden Fees...

A couple of common phrases that you may see on some other entertainment hire companies - and other industries to be fair -  are things such as "From £395" or even "Delivery charges not included". It's phrases such as this which come with hidden prices that only appear when it comes to settling the payment.

You see the thing is, there is a lot more to planning an event than just the cost of the equipment. As Fil, one of our fellow Fun Experts and events designer says, "What is originally priced at £395 could soon climb up to £1500+ due to fees that were never divulged by the provider. This is because the planning process took place through a computer screen as opposed to open and direct communication over the phone".

Let's get talking 

We want your experience to be the best it can be, that is why we always love to create a positive working relationship the moment we speak with you on the phone. As well as being able to introduce ourselves properly and add some character, this allows us to get a better understanding of the wants, needs and aims of your event.

We are here to discuss all manner of things such as time, location, venue, number of guests and all those little details that turn a good event into a spectacular experience. Once we have had a chat over the phone, only then can we put together a quote that incorporates all these factors, no hidden fees, no fine print, just what we discussed over the phone (and of course the pesky VAT that haunts us all). 

Sometimes, an event may take place quite a distance away from our North or South depots, for this reason, we may need to include a minimum cost to ensure that we bring the outstanding experience to your event as well as covering things logistically. Fear not though, we will always inform you of a minimum price as well as recommend any equipment or ideas that will help you meet the minimum spend.

The good thing about our minimum spends is that we can come down on these during quieter times of the year, for example, February, October etc.  That is why it may be a good idea to schedule a fun day or corporate event during this time. 

Story Time! 

There have been some occasions where a client has been let down by a supplier last minute and we were able to rectify the problem and make sure their event carried on and brought the best experience it can be. 

Only recently did we have a client who was informed the night before their event that the company they were using was unable to make their event and therefore had been left in quite a pickle. 

They rang Sunshine Events first thing and discussed their predicament and before you could say "Fun Expert", we were on the motorway and en route to bring the fun! Unlike some of our competitors, we request full payment, rather than a deposit, upon booking as this can be a key catalyst as to why they turn down the event last minute. Think about it, it's easier for them to return a £300 deposit the night before when they have the opportunity to take a job that pays out 3x that.

We take the full payment as peace of mind for you, so that the equipment you have hired is secured as well as knowing that the Fun Experts will be there on the day no matter what to ensure you have the best experience possible.  

We are The Fun Experts! 

As part of The Fun Experts, the team at Sunshine Events can proudly say that we are the UK's largest supplier of entertainment, equipment and Fun Experts to events ranging from Fun Days all the way to Corporate Events and Exhibitions. So as you can see it's never as simple as just "giving you a price" as there are so many other variables within the planning process and we want to make sure you get the best price possible. 

With our 15+ years of experience, The Fun Experts know that every event is different and that is why we always ensure that we offer you the best experience that is bespoke to you and your event. 

So let's get to talking about your event and give us a call today or fire across your enquiry right here - we can't wait to speak to you about your event!