The Keith & Paddy Picture Show

The Keith & Paddy Picture Show
Interesting Events | 14-04-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Saturday Night at the Movies!

Saturday night saw the return of Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuiness to TV screens as the second series of The Keith & Paddy Picture Show begins on ITV1 and episode one features some extra special guests - can you see where we're going with this?

Having already added their own unique (and hilarious!) spin to classic films such as Jaws, Ghostbusters and The Return of the Jedi, the premise sees the duo (along with other familiar faces) recreate popular Hollywood films into 'mini-movies'. And now they're back with...



Series 2 kicks off with the 70's classic! We all know the story as greaser Danny and good girl Sandy fall in love while spending time with one another at the beach over the summer break. Going (what they think to be) their separate ways, they soon discover that they're in the same school as they return to Rydell High - you'd have thought that that conversation would have come up, right?

Anyway, can the couple rekindle their love in their real environments? Surrounded by some colourful characters and a habit of often bursting into some memorable songs (Summer Nights, Beauty School Drop-Out, We Go Together to name a few), Grease is the essential nostalgia trip and ripe for Keith & Paddy's comedy treatment!

"You're the One That I want!"


The Fun Experts definitely were when the production team needed to set the final scene! To recreate the big finale, the production team got in touch with Sunshine Events to enquire about the use of our range of Funfair products; with classic Funfair Side Stalls and Fun Food carts, we had the perfect look to fit the scene. After discussing the requirements with our dedicated Sales Team, the day of filming soon arrived and the Fun Experts (pictured above with Keith Lemon, Paddy McGuiness and Stacey Solomon) loaded their chariot of fun and headed to Slough for the shoot (not the sunshine of California unfortunately).


In the original movie, the final act sees the school year come to an end with students breaking free to celebrate amidst a carnival setting. As Danny and the gang of T-Birds walk out, he's confronted by Sandy (you only need one guess as to which of the duo took this role!), who following a bit of a wardrobe change, makes one final attempt to win her man. 


Working with the production team on arrival, we were able to add our own element of fun to their scene with some fantastic equipment - our red and white striped, traditional stalls featuring games such as Tin Can Alley and Hook A Duck, not to mention the Circus Peep Board and Test of Strength, all resulted in what is a great (hilarious) homage to the classic movie.


If you missed the episode, you'll be able to watch it on catch up at the ITV Hub now. Returning to screens next weekend, future episodes include Top Gun, Gremlins, Pretty Woman, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park...the latter being a huge favourite with us! We can't wait to see hw that one turns out, just a shame they didn't require our Inflatable Dinosaur Slide!

"Tell me about it... stud!"

If you want to recreate your very own Funfair Theme at your upcoming event, be sure to speak to the Fun Experts today and discuss how we can bring the fun of the fair to your event!

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