Experience a NEW Reality

Experience a NEW Reality
Event Inspiration | 01-04-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

The future is here, the future is NOW!

After introducing clients and their guests to our Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, technology has advanced even further and now the Fun Experts® are proud to present to you our brand new state of the art range of headsets for hire, allow us to introduce you to our new...

Actual Reality Headsets

As much as the VR experience still wows, the technology behind it still requires the use of computers, phones, screens and electricity. With Actual Reality, everything visual detail is seen through a simple pair of glasses. The distraction of additional devices is taken away and the requirement of power is, well none. No plug sockets, no wires, no big headsets!

Experience a NEW reality

All you need simply do is place the glasses on your head, and wherever you stand, wherever your feet take you, your environment instantly becomes an awe-inspiring cityscape, a beautiful country landscape, a shopping centre, a movie theatre, the great outdoors, even your living room, or if you dare the bathroom!

The use of 'wands' or control pads are no longer required either! Actual Reality allows you to interact with the surroundings as seen through the glasses.  Reach out and touch the landscape presented before you, take hold of a beautiful flower, shake the hand of a passerby (who may also be wearing this sensational product). You can even feel the breath of air on your skin as the 4D element takes affect. 

This device, as already mentioned, integrates the fourth dimension, but allows also for the highest quality resolution possible for the users eyes and 360 degrees of spatially accurate sound! And you needn't worry about looking the fool either. Similar to Apples wireless Airpods, these wireless glasses can look slick, like an everyday worn item - though let's be honest, some people suit glasses better than others.

You may begin to think back to Google's attempt of 'smart' glasses when they released their very own Google Glass; but one key thing was missing, a simple understanding of Actual Reality. 

A reality for all

With over 2 billion people already requiring everyday glasses and everybody needing a pair of sunglasses come the summer (yes, Actual Reality even comes tinted!), the popularity of this all new hire is sure to be instant. Suitable for young and old, sizes of the 'headset' are available in both adult and children - we've made sure that anyone and everyone can experience ths fantastic ability.

To discover how you can bring Actual Reality to your next event, speak to the Fun Experts® direct or you can send a quick enquiry here. Introducing Actual Reality to your event is an element The Fun Experts are Experts® in...

You won't believe your eyes!