YOUR reason to hold an Event!

YOUR reason to hold an Event!
Event Inspiration | 18-04-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

What's your reason for holding your event?

Events happen daily across the UK for a number of reasons, and it's for one of these that you're here now. But you're stuck as to what to do next. So, here's the deal...if we have your reason here for holding your event, speak to the Fun Experts® about how we can work together to deliver an event that will be a memorable success for everyone involved!

Corporate Events

We'll be honest, Corporate Events is quite a big umbrella and can cover a variety of actual events including Evening Functions such as Awards Nights. But you're organising your event for a reason...

Your event can be used to generate positive discussion amongst your workforce, inspire and boost morale, recognise achievements of individuals and the team as a whole.

Every week, we're visiting people like yourself at events across the nation and we're more than happy to share with you these experiences to ensure that the reason your wanting to hold your event is seen throughout and forms part of the big day for all your guests to see.

Fun Days

They're a favourite for everyone, from the guests attending to the Fun Experts® themselves. When the sun finally comes out, the Fun Experts® get serious about fun and completely support your reasons for holding these incredible days.

Whether holding a corporate Family Fun Day for employees or going public, you'd be bringing people together. It isn't just about the 'fun of the fair', it's an opportunity for people to interact. And it's about getting everyone involved, the whole family.

With an impressive list of fun inflatables from the incredibly big Wrecking Ball to the vibrant challenges of the Hungry Hippos and Climbing Wall, the fun doesn't end there. Young or old, the great thing about our selection of products is that there truly is something for everyone.

So as you aim to say a huge thank you, raise awareness for a local cause or simply inspire a community, a traditional Family Fun Day is always a guaranteed success.

University, College and School Events

Our school years, the experience of University, these times are the most influential on a generation. Throughout the years spent, there are many opportune moments to hold an event.

Whether engaging your students, challenging them, introducing them or come the end of it all, rewarding them, it is during their years with you that you have the perfect opportunity to make a huge impression.

Team Building

What makes a business? It's clients, it's impact, growth, product or is it you? Every business has a goal, an aim, it's KPI's and it's you, your colleagues, your team and complete workforce that work toward that. How do your reward that, how do you inspire them, communicate, motivate and reinforce your company values.

How you choose to do this, whether a day away from the office, or by bringing fun to the office, your aim is to promote camaraderie amongst your staff, to instill gratitude and appreciation for their efforts. 

We can't shy away from the fact that we know a thing or two about providing the most rewarding experience for your team, and we can't wait to share with you the many different options available to you.

Exhibitions & Promotional Events

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets and in promoting this, you need the right tools to drawer the crowds initially.

Often in such a small amount of space, the impact and initial drawer you need to get the attention of guests is key to success. That's why we have collected some of the best products available to hire that have proven time and time again to help promote. From the competitive elements of the Batak and Cash Grabber to the experiences of the Virtual Reality and Nintendo Switch, standing out from your fellow exhibitors is were we can assist you in your launch.

Party Entertainment

Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Birthdays...there's always good reason to throw a good party. But what makes it great? We have a number of ingredients that are sure to be the perfect fit in bringing your family, friends and colleagues together to celebrate.

No matter what, you should always make time for fun and these occasions are the perfect opportunity to do so.

Filming / Production Ideas

Not an event as such, we admit, but with a selection of fun equipment such as we have, we can't seem to hide the fun of it all away from production companies.

Whether climbing to the top of the O2 Arena to set a Christmas scene for The Gadget Show, providing Keith & Paddy the perfect scene for the finale of the hilarious take on Grease in The Keith & Paddy Picture Show, or helping the Beast win the heart of his Beauty in Don't Tell The Bride, the Fun Experts® have come quite adept in supporting productions.

Christmas Events

Oh how we love Christmas. The festive cheer it brings to all, the snow as it falls and settles can make anywhere appear a beautiful winter wonderland. Well, that's if you can rely on the British weather to snow at the right time of year!?!

Whether celebrating the end of a fantastic year and rewarding your staff with a massive thank you, or simply just wanting to embrace the Christmas feeling and share it with friends and colleagues, any and every reason to do so at Christmas is the right reason.

We've missed one...

So there we have it; who knew?!? But, there is one very big reason that we haven't mentioned, and it is the essential reason to hold an event of any type...Memories!

Memories are the one thing we keep, we cherish and return to.  They're created right here and you could be the reason why, the thanks and appreciation for that is worth it alone.

As the Fun Experts®, we've been sharing our knowledge and experience for 15 years now and every day, every event brings another opportunity for us to provide you with a service that our clients continue to praise.

Speak to the Fun Experts® today to begin (or even revisit) your journey, from your initial enquiry with our Sales Team, through the support of our dedicated Logistics Team, right through to the big day itself and working with our Events Team, you're event is as important to us for all these same reasons.