Why You Should Host a Charity Event...

Why You Should Host a Charity Event...
Event Inspiration | 19-03-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Welcome aboard Sunshiner! At the helm of our Sunshine submersible this week is your Fun Expert Will, so go grab a brew, relax and lets dive (see what I did there) into this week's blog.


So, as an employer, organisation or just a helpful citizen, you've all had that moment where you've stopped and said to yourself, "should I host a fundraising event?". However, when you think about making it a reality you get stumped and tend not to go forward with your plan.

Well, what if I was to tell you that there are more benefits to a fundraising event than first meets the eye? Well, now you're sitting there comfortably, let me explain.

Engagement & Awareness

Not only do fundraising events bridge the gap between businesses and charities, but it does also in fact help in building a much higher level of awareness and engagement amongst your guests. 

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, a greater level of awareness will help in boosting those charitable donations. More charitable donations create higher levels of engagement, which in turn results in more support. 

They are big...really BIG!

Now just as a side note and something that is very important to take on board if you're still on the fence about hosting a fundraising event. Fundraising events are popular! So popular in fact that they equate to 22% of the methods that are used in raising money for charities! 

Giving is Contagious!

It's a well known (scientific) fact that as humans, giving to other people can be copied by others, similar to "yawning", you don't think about it, it just happens, and giving selflessly is no different. Holding fundraising events are a gentle way to encourage and create an environment centred around digging deep and giving to others.

(ALSO! Hosting a fundraising event can have a positive effect on your brand and pay dividends for their CSR)

Increasing Donations

Now, just because you are hosting a fundraising event doesn't mean that the charitable donations will come flooding in, you need to ask yourself and answer these two questions. 

  • Why should someone support this cause?
  • What happens to donations?

In order to answer these questions, you need to address these Four points:  

Be Transparent:

Remain clear and concise about where the money is going and how it will be used, for example, £665m is what charities could be missing out on due to administration fees, over wastage and a lack of transparency. Therefore, BE CLEAR!

Tell a Story:

The power behind storytelling can be phenomenal! Just remember, if someone can connect with you through your storytelling, you are actively encouraging their emotion to engage and therefore give. 

Use photos:

A picture can speak a thousand words, it's pictures that appeal to the empathetic side of our human nature. The RSPCA do it with images and beautiful Cats and Dogs so why not you? Make sure you sell your story with images.

Encourage social sharing: 

Make sure you scream and shout about your event on social platforms to get it out there into the digital cyberspace. Thanks to new age technology, social media grants the ability to be heard by thousands (for free) as opposed to things such as Morse code or carrier pigeon. 

So now that we've given you a little glance into the positive effects of fundraising events, are you starting to have second thoughts? Maybe we have the perfect fundraising event ideas you've been looking for.

Whatever the case may be, contact one of your friendly Fun Experts®, or come see us at Sunshine HQ and we can discuss it over a brew and a biscuit.