Fantastic Tips for Successful Party Entertainment

Fantastic Tips for Successful Party Entertainment
Event Planning Advice | 18-09-2019 | Posted By Ryan Lee

When it comes to successful party entertainment, there is more to the planning process than first meets the eye - and we don’t mean the obvious things like booking the venue or allocating the budget efficiently.

This latest article from your Fun Experts aims to give you valuable insight into the event planning process and what exactly you should be looking out for when it comes to planning not only a successful event but also a perfect one.

Define its purpose

The main purpose of your event is the very foundation in which your event is going to focus on. From end of year office parties to corporate gatherings, each comes with its own atmosphere and ambience, and therefore should be treated as such from the moment you start planning.

With a new product launch, for example, it should be seen as an opportunity to grab the attention of the room and have them talking about it for days to come.

Be bold, be exciting, and have guests flocking to you with eye-catching and head-turning interactive equipment like a Branded Batak Pro. Or you could have a Cash Grabber wearing your corporate colours!

Team-building events should have the goal of inspiring employees and creating an atmosphere centred around motivation and comradery.

Group activities that focus on the use of equipment, like the Human Buzz Wire and Tug of War, are fantastic activities that help promote the idea of partnership and working in unity.

Knowing your audience

One of the fundamental aspects that will define the overall success of your event is making sure that you tailor everything - from the food, equipment, and entertainment - to the type of audience you expect to be attending. 

- Corporate

Taking a corporate exhibition, for example; the majority of attendees may be around their late thirties or older. And with corporate exhibitions’ dress code mainly being formal, this should play a core role in your overall planning process.

Equipment such as Virtual Reality Experiences or Digital Graffiti Walls not only entice interaction from your guests but also produce a sense of awe and amazement, as it creates a positive experience rarely seen in the average day-to-day. 

- General Public

On the other hand, you may be planning an event focused on a family fun day and therefore your audience will vary in age drastically. This is why it’s always important to ensure that all avenues are covered and that there is something for everyone.

For example, guests who like to sit back and enjoy the day in comfort may look forward to a relaxing and well-thought-out seating area, like one with colourful deck chairs that can also come in GIANT form!

Alternatively, you may have more active guests in attendance who will appreciate engaging equipment that can direct their proactiveness. Entertainment such as a Wipeout Challenge or Hungry Hippos always brings excitement to the masses.

Provide a selection of mouth-watering fun foods, such as a Candy Floss and Popcorn cart, for both children and adults - they never fail to go down a treat!

Engagement / Engaging Atmosphere

The most important aspect to any event, even more important than defining its purpose, is creating an atmosphere and an environment that encourage your guests to take part in the day’s events and have fun using the entertainment provided for them.

There really is nothing worse than hosting an event with all the bells and whistles to have no one show up. Implementing these simple tricks into your planning process and ensuring you are addressing the needs and wants of the audience will go a long way towards the overall success of your event.

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