Service Business of the Year at the Bibas 2019 (for the second year running!)

Service Business of the Year at the Bibas 2019 (for the second year running!)
Awards | 16-09-2019 | Posted By Ryan Lee

"Oh what a night!" 

Here at Sunshine Events we are super proud to announce we have walked away with "Service Business of the Year" at this years BIBAs awards, and for the second year running we hasten to add!

Hot off the heels from winning the Red Rose's 'Lancashire Business View Award' in March of 2019, Directors of Fun Sunny and James Sandwell were right back at it again in May and attending the first round of judge's interviews for the BIBAs 2019. 

After a couple of days waiting for the call, an email notification suddenly popped into our inbox reading 'CONGRATULATIONS - you are finalists!'. Reading down the email we were elated to discover we had become finalists for not one, not two, but three BIBAs awards.

  • Employer of the Year
  • Leisure & Tourism Business of the Year
  • Service Business of the Year

Fast forward to June and the BIBAs judges were down at Fun Towers to conduct their interviews with some of our Fun Experts directly - Sunshine Bear was of course on hand to greet! 

We were lucky enough to have the judges down at Fun Towers HQ a total of three times to conduct their interviews which would help them make their overall decision that would be revealed on Friday the 13th September. 

The Big Night!

Before you could even say "The Fun Experts bring the Fun-shine", the day was upon us! Now, some people say that a Friday that falls on a 13th is a bad omen, but not the Fun Experts, it's another day of fun in the Sunshine Calendar! 


Armed with our license to thrill, the Fun Experts donned their finest glad rags and hit the red carpet of this years beautiful BIBAs venue, the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

(Never one to be outdone, I myself was sporting a flashy pink number which would have won awards if there was one for best dressed!)

Once the Fun Experts had been treated to an amazing banquet that can only be described as "fit for a king", it was time to move on to the main event! The awards, and the one they all wanted to win!   

The first of our awards up was 'Employer of the year', an award we had won at the BIBAs in 2017. This award is a true testament to the culture and values that an organisation instills within their workplace and its employees.

Unfortunately this time it wasn't mean to be, however, it went to the thoroughly deserved team over at Connect-Childcare, who have been doing amazing things with their software and tools to help childcare professionals improve the lives of children globally!

Next up was 'Leisure & Tourism Business of the Year', an award that celebrates the incredible work organisations provide their customers in the leisure and tourism sector. Sadly, it was not to be the Fun Experts year in this category, again, however, the award went to an outstanding company who continue to bring amazing experiences to each of their clients who walk through their doors, the fantastic Hallmark Hotel Preston.

Last but by no means least was the 'Service Business Award' sponsored by the amazing Hungry Horace. This award is to recognise businesses who consistently go above and beyond in the name of customer service, ensuring that their clients and their guests receive the best experience possible every single time. 

And the winner is...

That's right, your fun-tastic Fun Experts seized the day! 

For the second year on the run, the Fun Experts at Sunshine Event walked away with the Service Business of the Year Award. Not only does this award represent our continued mission in providing the customers with the best service possible, but it is also a true testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion every one of the Fun Experts brings the moment they put on the Sunshine Events t-shirt.

Whether it be our Fun Experts in the sales office, our logistical Fun Factory, or on the road bringing the fun-shine up and down the country, the Fun Experts are the very embodiment of Sunshine Events and never fail in going that extra mile for each and every customer! 

Winning Service Business of the year a second time in a row is a truly amazing feeling and we already have our sights well and truly set on it for BIBAs 2020.

Everything happens in threes, right?