Do I Need a Fun Expert with My Equipment?

Do I Need a Fun Expert with My Equipment?
Health & Safety | 05-08-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

One of the major roles of The Fun Experts is not only to ensure your event has a fun atmosphere from start to finish but also to make sure there is no stress at all, letting you focus on the guests and giving the best possible experience.

The Fun Experts on hand to help your guests

Be rest assured that, when you hire The Fun Experts and equipment, we have up to £10 million in PLI. All Inflatables come with PAT and PIPA Test certificates as well as risk assessment for all of the equipment on our website.

Prioritising Safety for Your Event

When you hire fun equipment from Sunshine Events, there will always be a Fun Expert accompanying the equipment on delivery to make sure it’s set up and presented exactly the way that you want it. At the end of an event, there will always be a Fun Expert on hand to safely dismantle the equipment for you as well.

Depending upon the equipment hired for your event, there may need to be one or several Fun Experts to supervise or actively staff that particular apparatus. 

We have been carefully trained to install, maintain, and update systems on our technology-based equipment such as the Mirror Selfie or the high-tech Scalextric

No Need to Worry About Complex Equipment

We are also trained to safely operate heavier and more complex equipment such as the Wipeout Inflatable, Rodeo Bulls, and Bungee Run

Specialist equipment such as our Archery Hire must have a minimum of two Fun Experts. We will staff and coordinate the activity, providing a safe experience with our trained and accredited archery instructors. 

Some of the equipment at Sunshine Events only needs to be supervised by a responsible adult, such as our Bouncy Castles or Giant Outdoor Games. A member of your staff can easily monitor them; all we ask is that upon set up, you sign a consent form that relates to that particular equipment. 

Most importantly, The Fun Experts are here to make sure that your event provides the most fun possible. Should you have any queries, be sure to get in touch with The Fun Experts by giving us a call today on 0800 086 2380.