Dizzying heights for The Fun Experts and The Gadget Show!

Dizzying heights for The Fun Experts and The Gadget Show!
Interesting Events | 12-10-2016 | Posted By James Sandwell

Good afternoon little sunshines!! Is it just us or is it suddenly starting to feel like winter very quickly? (Where’s the hot chocolate and marshmallows?!) Today we thought we would invite you on a trip down memory lane with us to revisit one of our biggest challenges. So grab your mug of hot choc, sit back and enjoy!

In November 2012 (a mega 4 years ago!) our Fun Experts took a long journey down South for a very early start in the morning, coming face to face with their very own little Everest in the shape of the 02 Arena.

Sunshine Events had been recruited by The Gadget Show to supply a frosty Winter Wonderland - 50 metres in the air -  in an adventure that saw three shivering chaps take a treacherous climb they hadn’t experienced before, all the while carrying some unusual luggage (including Frosty the snowman).

The job for the opening scene of the Christmas special edition of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show required our Fun Experts to lug Christmas trees, snow machines and other magical festive props onto the top of the venue. Yes, you read correctly sunshines – THE TOP OF THE 02 ARENA!

A three-man team of Fun Experts carried the equipment to the top of the 02 in rucksacks along a specially-laid narrow (and very slippy!) path.

One of our brave Fun Experts, Ryan, commented;

"Climbing to the top of the O2 arena was an opportunity we couldn't miss; and carrying frosty the snowman on my back to share the view made the experience all the more memorable! I've attended many events over the years, but this one stood out - to set up a 'Winter Wonderland' scene on top of the O2.  Just goes to show, no challenge is impossible for the Fun Experts!"  
Ryan Lee, Manager of Logistics and Events (...and adding a sprinkle of Fun!)

The Gadget Show were so impressed that they asked our Fun Experts to the deck the halls the week after for their consecutive show! Providing the team with dazzling Christmas theming and a magical Christmas Grotto, they couldn't have been happier (or colder!)