Trust The Fun Experts

Trust The Fun Experts
Health & Safety | 20-07-2020 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Covid Secure Fun

It's time to take the next steps in your event planning! And many have started to do so, as The Fun Experts have become the one's to trust in delivering fun, event equipment hire in a Covid Secure way.

These last few months have seen The Fun Experts adapt to the changes needed for our service to continue and to help instil confidence in you, that your event can continue.

In just the last few weeks we have seen schools, offices, private parties and even a royal engagement call upon Sunshine Events to deliver because they trust that we can in current times.

(Safe) Fun continues...

We've been keeping you up to date with all of the measures we've put in place to ensure that we can deliver safe fun to your event. Risk Assessments have been updated, our portfolio of fun event equipment hire reviewed and our Fun Experts have been trained in our Covid Secure safety measures - in line with Government guidance and the advice of Public Health Authorities - and each event goes out with a Covid Secure kit.

You can trust that fun can continue in a safe way just as you can trust to now have a pint at your local, dine at your favourite restaurant or book that long overdue holiday. 

So what next...

It's simple...we've been here all along and Camille and her team are speaking to our clients, new and old, about their event plans for the coming months. So whether you want to start your new school year with a celebration, welcome back your teams to the office with excitement or look ahead to Christmas and start early, now is the time to speak to The Fun Experts.

Each piece of equipment available to hire now comes with our very own seal of approval - trust The Fun Experts to deliver your Covid Secure event!