Bringing Teams Together Again

Bringing Teams Together Again
Event Inspiration | 16-04-2021 | Posted By Ryan Lee

You’ve got the date! The Roadmap out of lockdown see’s 21st June 2021 as the date when you and your people can get back to doing what you love to do.

For businesses that means bringing teams back together and all the talk has been "Team Building this...Team Building that..." which has been fantastic for The Fun Experts to hear! We can't wait to visit your events & workplaces and be a part of celebrating a return to what once was.

From Team Building packages and It’s A Knockout to a variety of Team Activities, calls and emails these last few weeks have all been about how best to celebrate bringing teams back together as they return to the office and restrictions are lifted. And with it coinciding with the Summer season, we're sure we can trust the Great British weather to be on our side too.

Team Building Packages

As we mentioned above, many businesses have been getting in touch looking for inspiration on how best to celebrate colleagues coming back to the office, or where they're continuing to work from home but with changes allowing for people to come together at different stages over the next few weeks and months.

For close to two decades, The Fun Experts have been providing amazing Team Building Packages that provide a fantastic environment for all ages and abilities to take part and enjoy together. We've had many, many successes with our Team Building Package, just check in with Booths and this case study.

Our Team Building Packages introduce some classic challenges and are fit for teams from 10 to 150.

With a variety of classic races and inflatable challenges, our Team Building packages can be easily adapted to suit your guest list and venue - simply provide us with some basic details and allow us to provide you with all the inspiration and explain how much of a success your team building event will be.

And let's not forget - we're not just talking work here! Team Building is a perfect way to bring everyone together, from schools and universities to community events.

As restrictions begin to ease and following 21st June 2021, there'll be much more we can to do together but at the same time providing a safe and secure event.


It's A Knockout

 It's how many of you know and often refer to Team Building events and often ask for it by this name when you contact us - It's A Knockout!

The It's A Knockout package is massively fun - if we don't say so ourselves - and incorporates many of our fun activities. Featuring elements of our Inflatable Assault Course, classic races and other vibrant, fun inflatables, the It's A Knockout package is a tried and tested formula of fun.

 Ideal in an outdoor setting, it's the perfect way to celebrate coming back together and when the sun is shining even more so (note - we can't guarantee the Sun, but we can guarantee the Fun!)

Orchestrating such a day can perhaps appear a daunting task, but when you invite The Fun Experts, you'll suddenly find no stress to be found. The initial stages of planning will see you speaking to our Fun Experts in the office who will run through the planning of the event up until the day itself, with input from our Event Development and Logistics teams! 

Come the day itself our Event Teams will be on hand to ensure everything run's smoothly, hosting the day and ensuring everyone has the best experience possible.

The It's A Knockout package can be tailored to work for a group of 10 all the way up to 150. The range of challenges and games are suitable for a variety of ages and abilities giving chance for everyone to take part, if they wish.


Alternative Team Building Activities

Sometimes your setting, whether it be venue or number of participants, may mean you need to do something slightly different. With over 400 pieces of fun, we're placed to have created some fantastic, varied Team Building Activities.

With interactive challenges that include Batak, Strike A Light and Roll A Ball to name but a few, there are a range of activities that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


And don't forget...

Many of you are aiming for the same date, and we can totally understand why because the sooner the better! But be sure to consider other dates, there's the rest of Summer to enjoy! Not just that first weekend in July for example following the end of restrictions at the end of June.

Be mindful that your teams may have alternate plans with family and friends in the early weeks when lockdown lifts. But also other dates and mid week events could mean a bit of a saving on venue and fun equipment hire for you too; which could mean more fun for your budget!

And finally - planning your event can take a bit of time, so be sure to start thinking about your Team Building event soon. Contact The Fun Experts and allow us to inspire you with bringing fun back to your teams!