Universities - Welcome back your students with Fun!

Universities - Welcome back your students with Fun!
Event Inspiration | 14-05-2021 | Posted By Ryan Lee

It was confirmation that Universities and Students across England were hoping for earlier this week when the Government confirmed that students could return to in-person teaching from 17th May.

For many Universities we're sure that this will be the opportunity to simply reconnect with their students face to face, prepare for open days for September's freshers and perhaps simply of Summer of fun in the lead up to a new study year!

It's been a very different year for so many students, lecturers and every person a part of Universities across the country, so our question to you is...how are you going to welcome back your people?

We've had the pleasure of working with Lancaster Uni, Brunel, Wolverhampton, UCLan and so many more over the years and we can't wait to be involved with your events again...The Fun Experts are here to FUN-spire you! 

Your Event Calendar

A banner image showing many images from University events where students and lecturers are enjoying fun event equipment

Typically a University year is filled with Events from Open Days to Graduations, Freshers Week to Job Fairs and not to mention all of the fabulous events organised by Student Unions.

With the 'traditional' studying year almost at an end, how has that impacted your events? Are you planning on having a welcome back celebration or simply looking ahead and planning for the new study year?

FUN-spiration - You can find a full range of ideas and inspiration in our dedicated Universities category of our website - let the fun begin!

Open Days

Often taking place throughout the year, we're aware many Universities are planning Open Days following Step 4 of the Roadmap on June 21st. Many Open Days have already taken place virtually of course but many of September's students haven't physically set foot on campus yet and seen in it in the flesh!

The Fun Experts have already booked in many dates with Universities, seeing our fun event equipment hire making appearances at campuses up and down the country.

Open Days are all about inviting people in, and in essence selling your University to future students - what better way than to show you really know how to have Fun!

FUN-spiration - When it comes to getting the opportunity for your future students, having time to talk to them and perhaps leaving them with something to take away is always a good option - one of the best platforms for this is the fabulous selection of Side Stalls!

Freshers Week

First impressions count for a lot and you'll have no doubt made the right one already, that's why your students have chosen your University. But Fresher's Week it's time to show your freshers another side to your University and your campuses...

Welcoming students from across the country, the world, in those first few weeks is so important - it gives them the chance to start new relationships. Having come so far from home - for most the first steps to real independence - it's important to provide an environment that really embraces this.

FUN-spiration - From entertainment during the day through to evening, our range of fun inflatables really allow you to let your hair down during the day and come evening, start making memories with some fantastic indoor interactive equipment!


 It's the end of a journey and the last 12 months even more so, therefore you'll want to send your students off in a true celebration. Some Universities have delayed the date slightly in line with the Roadmap and are seeing plans in place for a celebration to remember later in to the summer months!

FUN-spiration - Capture those final moments with a Magic Mirror or Photo Booth, end on a high with a party package bespoke to your celebration - there is an endless array of exciting choice for fun as your students graduate.

 ...an excuse to have Fun!

We don't need one do we? Fun shouldn't be a chore and with The Fun Experts it really isn't. Our relationships and experience over the years have enabled us to provide a stress-free experience for those planning the event, allowing them to enjoy the journey and the fun of the event as much as the guests.

For the students, for the lecturers and teaching staff, for Dave and Abi in Accounts or Agnus in the kitchen - fun is for all to experience at University, every person who makes up you community.

Speak to The Fun Experts today and let's start planning your event!