5 Reasons to Throw an Office Christmas Party

5 Reasons to Throw an Office Christmas Party
Event Planning Advice | 12-10-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Ahh the office Christmas party... one of the most highly anticipated evenings in the work calendar, so much so that they can often end up slightly underwhelming, hence why they're becoming a thing of the past for some workplaces. Not when done by The Fun Experts! We're firm believers in the office Christmas party and the benefits that they can have on a business and we could be here until Christmas reeling them all off, so for now we'll give you 5 reasons you should throw one this year...

1. Reward your staff

There's no better time to recognise your employees' efforts than after a whole year of hard work. Having an office Christmas party is the perfect time to say cheers to a fantastic year and give back to your team by treating them to a celebration to remember. 

2. Get everyone in the festive spirit

In every company there has to be at least one Scrooge amongst you, which is why throwing an event that everyone can get involved in is a great way to keep even the Grinches of the group happy. You don't have to dress up as Santa or start blasting Buble to have a great office Christmas party (although this is always encouraged at ours!), as you can always rely on some good grub and your choice of tipple to keep all of your guests impressed!


3. Bring the whole team together

It's not every day that the whole office gets to come together, especially when you're working in a large company and of course Christmas is a time to spend with your nearest and dearest, which is why an office Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships between colleagues. This applies particularly to businesses with several departments who don't often spend time together. Who knows? You might even find yourself a new work bestie!

4. Boost camaraderie

Not just an excuse to get on the booze, the office Christmas party is a chance to build on your team building skills and boost productivity in the workplace. We believe that having fun at work is essential to creating a great workplace culture and that holding regular staff socials is something every company should implement. Having a Christmas party is a great place to start and will enable you to go into a new year with employee engagement as a priority.


5. Our Entertainment

How else would we make the most of all our festive fun?! Once you've checked out our Full Range of Christmas Kit, there's no way you'll be able to resist booking your own office Christmas party! From Interactive Games like the Roll a Ball Reindeer and Dance Machine complete with Christmas classics, to festive Photo Booths and Selfie Mirror options, there's something for every company. What's more? All of our entertainment can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own office if your budget doesn't stretch to hiring out a venue or (not if you Book in Now!) they're all booked out.

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