12 Events of Christmas

12 Events of Christmas
Event Inspiration | 14-11-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

It's time to jingle all the way as Christmas fast approaches and, as is of course tradition, it's time to celebrate, party, let loose, have fun...whatever you want to call it, it's time for your Christmas Party!

Christmas see's each and every one of us attend a variety of events as we enjoy the fesitivities. And you may be surprised at just how many of these Christmas traditions the Fun Experts® can create for you.

Office Christmas Party

If you did a survey (there probably is one out there somewhere) as to the most popular type of Christmas event, then the office party is very (very) likely to be at the top.

It's the time of year to really pat yourselves on the back for a fantastic 12 months of hard work and successes. Nothing boosts morale and helps toward engaging your employees than the Christmas do. But what should you do? When should you do it? How far will your budget go?

Luckily we're well versed in providing inspiration for Christmas events across the UK and from working with Johnson & Johnson, Amazon and many more in delivering their Christmas events, you can be sure we can help. In fact, head right here and we'll give you a few extra tips!

Meet and Greet Santa

You don't have to be a giddy toddler in awe of the big man in red; meeting Santa is what Christmas is all about, regardless of age. Taking a perch next to the main man and reeling off your wish list (providing you've been good of course) is what it's all about! So one event you should definitely be looking for this Christmas is a chance to meet and greet Santa himself.

Luckily the Fun Experts® have got a fantastic selection of settings that are sure to make Father Christmas feel right at home; from traditional Wooden Grottos to Inflatable Santa's Grottos and Winter Wonderland Areas, you can offer your guests a really magical experience.

The big movie event!

The Christmas movie - it's become quite the festive tradition. Not necessarily an actual Christmas movie, but the festive season has become the time of year when Hollywood unleashes big tentpole movies. In the early noughties, Peter Jackson took us to his fantastical vision of Middle Earth with the release of the Lord of the Rings movies and in recent years Star Wars has captured the imaginations of millions.

This year families will no doubt be flocking to see the new animated take of 'The Grinch' or will you return to the wizarding world so wondefully crafted by J.K Rowling with 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'.

So keeping all that in mind, you could switch things up a bit for your Christmas event this year and add the glitz and glamour of the movies as we offer you some fantastic Hollywood theming packages. From walking the Red Carpet to posing against a backdrop of the famous Hollywood sign and giant Oscar statues, a great collection for your Christmas party.

Christmas Markets

Manchester, London and more are host to a collection of stalls brimmed with fab food, amazing gift ideas and packed out with Christmas Spirit. Visiting the Christmas markets is definitely a tradition that families enjoy nationwide so why not add a bit of this festive event to your party.


Our selection of Festive Carts are the perfect equipment to serve traditional grub - roasted chestnuts, egg nog et al. The bright red stand decorated in festive garlands and more are a magical touch.

A trip to Lapland

A day trip to Lapland - yes, you can do it in a day apparently - really does get you in to the spirit of the season and to see the kids faces light up when introduced to Santa and his Reindeer is a true delight. Now we can't help you with the travel side of things but we can help recreate such a beautiful setting at your event with our Winter Wonderland theming. Featuring a wintery scene backdrop, Christmas trees, snowmen and snow covered flooring, it'll be like the real thing (check out how we fooled viewers of Channel 5's Gadget Show right here!).

Strap on the skates for a bit of Ice Skating!

Well, actually the VR headset! Sadly we can't ice the floor of your venue but with the power of modern tech, strapping on the HTC Vive headset can transport you to a snow covered mountain top for a snowboarding experience like you've never...experienced. With a choice of wintery themed experiences including ice skating and snowball fights, your event guests are going to love this all new Virtual Reality Experience.

Snowball fight!

Everyone together now..."I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"

And let's be honest, the only reason being is for a good ol' snow ball fight. Though we can't bring you tons of the cold white stuff, we can bring the fun of a snowball fight, of sorts. Our Funfair Side Stalls are a popular hire all year round and come December we get to add our own festive twist and one we're happy to introduce this year is the Snowball Toss and Snowball in a Bucket.

No Winter should be without a snowball fight and here we can bring you the next best thing!

"We're walking in the air" / "He's behind you!"

Nothing screams out Christmas more than an audience full of adults and kids screaming back "He's behind you!" Believe it or not, a number of our Fun Experts® have tread the boards and took part in some memorable Pantomines over the years from Peter Pan to Cinderella and Aladdin. We could even proabably put on our very own pantomine for you to watch...come to think of it, we could film it for all to see, now there's an idea. 

Sorry, side tracked slightly there. Ok, you won't be seeing us spoofing around on stage this Christmas but we have two very special characters who you may like to meet at your event. First there is Santa Bear, and just like those pantomine characters, he's a cheeky but loveable Christmas presence.

And then there is the inflatable Snowman character costume. Young or old, the story of 'The Snowman' has melted all our hearts and inviting the Snowman to your event this Christmas is sure to delight!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Sticking with snowmen, sadly we can't whisk together the frozen magic of Princess Elsa for your event but we could come pretty close. With the Giant Snow Globes you can enter a mini frozen landscape with friends as fool around amongst the snow for that perfect photo!

Sending out the Christmas Cards!

And last but not least of our 12 events of Christmas (ok, we cheated a little - but we have touched on 12 of the best Christmas traditions here!); sending out your Christmas cards!

Ever thought of making it a little more personal, a little more fun? With our brand new interactive Magic Mirrors, we have hundreds of fab graphics for you and your guests to pose for, all Christmas themed. And by adding a personal (handwritten) message, you can print off a fair few and use them as great little Christmas cards to send out to your guests!

Spread the Festive cheer!

So there we have it, inspiration to fill you Santa boots with for your Christmas event. Now all you need do is speak to the festive Experts® and we'll be on hand to take away all the stress you may think comes with planning your event!

Merry Christmas folks!