Santa Claus: Real Beard or Fake Beard?

Santa Claus: Real Beard or Fake Beard?
Event Inspiration | 07-11-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Santa Claus is coming to town!

But beware folks, we've had word from Santa's li'l helpers that there is an imposter or two attending Christmas Events across the nation this festive season. 

Fear not though, because there is one big fluffy give away: how can you tell, we hear you ask. Well, it comes down to the white not the snow...his beard of course!

An age old argument when it comes to opening your Christmas Grotto is that of whether or not your Santa needs a real beard, or will the fake one on string do the job? Of course it won't! Kids aren't daft, even if us adults are blind to it - let's be honest, as soon as you see the velvet red jacket, black boots and sack full of toys, we're more susceptible than the kids.

To beard or not to beard, that is the question

The answer is simple, fake beard = fake Santa: FACT! As magical as the white, curling beard may appear, you can never hide the strings. Real beard = real Santa: FACT! Of course it is, no one can grow a beard of such magical importance other than Santa.

We have it on good authority that Santa is attending all events as planned this year, visiting some of his favourite towns and cities from Manchester to London, Glasgow to Brighton and everywhere else between and beyond, and with our direct line we can still call in a favour or two for any last minute events. You're already asking how's that possible, how on Earth can the real Santa (that's the one with the real beard remember) visit every event. Well, how can he deliver all those presents in one night? 

Inviting the real Father Christmas to your Christmas event this year will not only delight every one of your guests, but seeing the kids (and adults) test the truth of the beard always brings on a laugh!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Remember folks, the real beard is a real sign of Christmas magic! So if you're in need of the real deal at your Christmas party then be sure to speak to the Fun Experts® because we've a direct line to the real deal!