When should I have my Christmas Party?

When should I have my Christmas Party?
Event Inspiration | 24-10-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Good question...

Whenever you want to be honest! Ok let's be a bit more specific, that's why you're here.

Not only the celebration and traditions of giving, family, love, presents, turkey and falling asleep during the Doctor Who TV special, Christmas for most businesses is celebrating the end of another year. It's an opportunity to thank each and every one of your staff, your teams for what has no doubt been a fantastic year and their continued hard work.

Let's check the diary

For most, the best time is to celebrate at a weekend, a Friday or Saturday - in December of course - these day's allow time for the hangovers to wear off! But these are often the days that get booked up quick. Many of our customers have been enquiring and booking since August and though we've stocked up on all the fun you want to have at this time, unfortunately it's first come first served, so best be quick!

But you should remember that these days of the week can often be the times that your staff have other plans. A trip to the Christmas markets with the family, the traditional visit to the panto; celebrating Christmas with their families and friends. As Christmas doesn't have to be all about the drink (and that dreaded hangover), you may want to consider planning your event earlier in the week! 

There's another benefit too - off peak pricing! That's right, because fewer people think of booking their 'do' on a Monday through to Wednesday, there is much more fun to spread across the nation. Budgets are what they are but imagine how much more fun you can entertain with by booking your event earlier in the week.

Buck the trend!

Traditionally and as we mentioned earlier, Christmas is often the time to celebrate the end of a hard working year for your employees. It's the perfect opportunity to allow everyone to unwind. In fact just shy of 90% of businesses plan on having a Christmas party, whether it be a trip to a restaurant or maybe even inviting the Fun Experts® to your event, and they plan on doing so in December; of course you would!

But how about this - the Fun Experts® are often busy throughout December joining your celebrations, so we hang fire a few extra weeks until January. We've spun the end of year do on it's head and celebrate a New Year Kick Off. The weather is still cold and the festive feel is still in the air so the magic of Christmas is still very much present.

Planning a Christmas event in January is becoming quite common we've found. As your workforce focus on celebrating the festive season with families, it gives your employees something to look forward to come the New Year, even diminishing those New Year blues.

And once again, budgets can go even further. With the official Christmas over, off peak pricing can once again come in to play and gives you the option of bringing more fun to your event.

So to answer the question "When should I plan my Christmas party"? Well, that's completley up to you of course but be sure you consider what we've said. The only other question then should be "What should I have at my Christmas party?" - luckily for you we've got that covered too!

Allow us to inspire you this Christmas and speak to the Fun Experts® today to plan your Christmas Event!