The Fun Experts bring the Fun of the Fair to Slam Dunk Festival!

The Fun Experts bring the Fun of the Fair to Slam Dunk Festival!

It's not every day you arrive to work and find out you're heading to an event where you will be rubbing shoulders with pop-punk royalty and bringing them the best fun experience possible! Recently our Fun Experts were tasked by the amazing team at Rock Sound to turn the backstage area of the prestigious Slam Dunk Festival into a Fun Fair themed experience for bands such as Simple Plan, Neck Deep and All Time Low

The Brief

We spoke with Rock Sound before the event to find out exactly what they were looking for. 

"We were putting together some themed video content backstage at Slam Dunk Festival and realised a funfair experience would be perfect for our audience and fun for all the acts involved too."

Why did you choose The Fun Experts?

"Once we’d settled on the theme, The Fun Experts seemed like a perfect fit for our needs, with lots of great games and fun food options to choose from, all of which were perfectly presented and looked great on camera".

With the brief finalised and armed with the Hook a Duck, Inflatable Basketball and the tastebud teasing Candy Floss, The Fun Experts packed the fun bus and made their way to good ol' beautiful Leeds, Yorkshire!

As you can see from the video above, our Wizard hair (aka Candy Floss) went down a storm with the bands; All Time Low especially seemed to be big fans! Even Ronnie from 'As It Is' was officially knighted by one of our Candy Floss Fun Experts (a high accolade in itself!)

Now you can't have fun at the fair without a classic past time, the Hook a Duck! 

Rock Sound put a great spin on the classic Hook a Duck when it came to conducting their fun fuelled interviews! One of which saw the boys from Neck Deep hooking the ducks and then answering the corresponding question to the number on the bottom. An amazing twist on a carnival classic for sure! 

Finally, we brought some healthy competition down to Slam Dunk Festival in the form of our Inflatable Basketball Hire. To put the bands to the ultimate test Rock Sound challenged them to sink a completely blind shot like a pro! As you can see here by Ben from Neck Deep nobody else managed any better..........but at least they tried.

All in all, we loved working with Rock Sound in bringing the fun fair experience to the bands at Slam Dunk Festival! But don't take our word for it, here's what James from Rock Sound had to say. 

"All the staff were exceptional, from working in the run-up to the event alongside the festival promoter to the ground staff on the day who all went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly in an often hectic backstage environment".

"The feedback from the bands from around the world who were impressed not only by the quality of the video content we put together but by the ambition of bringing an event such as this to the backstage area of a festival".