Your event road map

Your event road map
Event Planning Advice | 25-06-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

So lets set the scene, management has just approached you wanting to host an event, more specifically, a corporate fun day. As head of HR, you are handed the baton of responsibility and it's up to you to deliver that perfect event. 

You are super excited with the task laid before you; however, reality hits! You've never had to book an event like this before so don't know how it works. That's where we come in! Your Fun Experts have provided you with a quick road map that outlines the booking process. From the moment of the first enquiry to the day of your event.

Day 1

So it's been 5 minutes since you received your exciting task, normally it is around this time that prospective clients begin to do their research on their supercomputers. Whether it be Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the internet is a treasure trove of ideas just waiting to give you all the inspiration you could think of!

We can save you the daunting task of knowing what to type into that search bar by just heading straight to our Family Fun Days section right here - we're helpful like that!

Day 2

So by now, you've sunk some time into surfing the web and you have come across the funtastic Fun Experts at Sunshine Events. This is where your enquiry can go two ways depending on your preference. 

Firstly, you may have seen a myriad of things during your digital journey and now you know exactly the type of fun you are looking for. In that case, many people tend to send a quick online enquiry through our website which gets picked up straight away by one of Fun Experts here at Sunshine Towers. 

However, you may wish to peruse our website and take a deeper look into our bag of fun. When that's the case, you would be more inclined to use our digital basket, here you can select the products you fancy for your event and press 'Add to Quote' and then simply submit them to our Fun Experts through the power of the digital internet. 

Day 2 (cont)

Once our Fun Experts have received your preliminary quote, we normally contact you within the hour to discuss this with you. During this talk, we are able to get a full understanding of you, your company, your event (and the background behind it - why are you having it?), location, time and even number of attendees. We then crunch the numbers on our abacus, normally having the final price sent over to you before the end of the day. 

the Fun Experts Sales

As the Fun Experts, we'll be able to inspire you with ideas that you may not have even thought of too!

Day 3 - Day 7

The day after you have received your quote from us, we will give you a quick call to just double check you have received the quote and it hasn't gotten lost on the digital highway. Failing to get hold of you, we will send you an email, again just asking if you received the quote. 

Day 3 - Day 7 (Cont)

Once you have read the quote, this is where the booking road map slows a little. It's not uncommon for people to have their department heads sign off on anything before committing. Once that happens, they may pass this on to their bosses to sign off on the quote and so on and so forth. 

Once you have finalised the final details with the appropriate parties, you may want to further discuss the quote with us. This is normal, as it allows us to further perfect and create a more bespoke event based upon your budget, logistics or any further requests you may have had since we last spoke. 


So now you have finalised everything for your event, from the start times, the logistics and the time it draws to the end, you've taken into account everything. Once you are happy with this, all that is left is to make the payment. It is full payment when cementing your booking as this ensures The Fun Experts are committed to bringing the fun to your event and all of the equipment you have hired is locked in for your event.  

T-Minus 10 Days

So now it is just a mear ten days till your event, the final countdown has begun and the excitement is building more and more by the day. At this point, our Fun Experts will give you a quick follow-up call to ensure that there have been no changes since we last spoke and logistically everything is full steam ahead and all that is left is to meet you on the morning/evening of your event.  


The day has finally arrived. It's the day of your event and The Fun Experts have arrived to set up for your big day! Your Fun Experts on that day will always be there two hours before to make sure that all of your fun equipment is set up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare. 

Sometimes, when it is a particularly large event, The Fun Experts may turn up the day before depending upon the number of equipment you have hired. Once your event starts The Fun Experts will be actively supervising the appropriate equipment so there is no need to worry about looking after your guests whilst on the equipment, The Fun Experts are there to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. 


And it doesn't stop there! After your event, our customer champion Fil will be in touch to get your valuable feedback and review on how perfect the experience was during the event. Our customer's feedback is an important part of the Sunshine Experience and we are proud to host your review which you will be able to see on our live Customer Sure

One last thing

All events, whether it be Corporate Exhibitions or Family Fun Days can come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, the booking process can vary from 4 days to 4 weeks. Nevertheless, here at Sunshine Events, we are experts when it comes to organising the fun, from the moment we pick up the phone, to the day we arrive at your event, we will always make the process as easy and as simple as possible for you.