The [New] Fun Experts take over

The [New] Fun Experts take over
The Fun Experts Team | 28-05-2019 | Posted By George S

With it being half term, I think the Fun Experts were in a bit of shock when our squad rocked up in a brand new whip and told them we will be taking over Sunshine Towers over the holiday period [maybe even longer]

Land rover

We pulled up to Sunshine Events at 8:45, which is pretty good for your first day as the new (and young) faces of Sunshine Events.  The very first thing we had to do, even before signing our new contracts was to get a picture of us all so we could hang it pride of place in our brand new office!

With it being a Bank Holiday weekend, we were straight onto our supercomputers to make sure we responded to all of your enquiries and that the fun is well and truly booked for your upcoming event. It wasn't even 8:55 before we got our first call into Sunshine Towers. Not that it bothered us because we had myself and other Fun Expert ??? in sales already ready and raring to go on the phones!

We felt like we have only been here a couple of hours and it was already lunchtime! With the local Mcdonalds just a hop, skip and a jump around the corner, that could only mean one thing...

Lunchtime Road Trip!

After a 'healthy' lunch consisting of a local delicacy called the 'Big Mac', we headed back to the office to resume bringing the Fun-shine to all of our Sunshiners out there. Despite not being able to touch the floor on our spinny chairs, you can comfortably say that Sunshine Events is in the safest possible hands! Even though our working day isn't quite over yet, we are looking forward to answering more of your questions about bringing the fun!

If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Fun Experts regarding your upcoming event, send us your enquiry right here - even better, give us a call today and we will be happy to help you build your bespoke event!