What is a companies greatest asset?

What is a companies greatest asset?
News Articles and Talks | 06-05-2019 | Posted By James Sandwell

When myself and Sunny began our Sunshine Events journey back in 2003, neither of us could have predicted just how quickly our operation would grow. With the business and logistics being coordinated directly from our spare room, and with the overwhelming support from our families, we were soon able to begin employing staff to join Sunshine journey.

From the moment we welcomed our first member into the Sunshine Family, we knew right then and there that each and every individual within the organisation was to be the greatest asset to Sunshine's mission, there was never any doubt in that!

From day one, myself and Sunny never wanted anybody working for Sunshine Events to be named an 'employee' or a 'member of staff', they are a crucial component of our culture and brand and it is only fitting to provide a name that reflects that. It was around this time we coined the name 'The Fun Experts' and it just fitted so perfectly. It helps build an extra level of assurance to clients as they are not only hiring the equipment from Sunshine Events but it will be accompanied and managed by their very own Fun Experts.  

As well as being at an event to supervise and actively run the equipment that day, The Fun Experts also continue to represent the brand, culture, and ethos that Sunshine Events is built upon. As we are an organisation that deals with clients daily on a face to face basis, it's always been important for us to invest heavily in our greatest asset, The Fun Experts. 

Training & Educating

We truly believe it to be important that our Fun Experts understand and enjoy all the parts of the Sunshine journey, whether it be from the initial phone call to the client, liaising with the logistics team, or being at the heart of the event. We want The Fun Experts to know as much of the Sunshine story as possible as it helps them build an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm towards their role. Like Sunny has always said, being a Fun Expert is about walking side by side with each other enjoying the journey.

The Fun Experts recieving training from the leadership team

Fun Expert of the Month

As well as providing training to our fun experts, we also like to reward them through our 'Fun Expert of the Month' scheme that we run every month and have done for the last 16 years. Not only is this just one of the ways that we give back to our amazing Fun Experts, but it is also chosen by The Fun Experts themselves!

The best thing about it being chosen by their peers is that they have had the first-hand experience in witnessing the hard work and enthusiasm that they bring to their role when out on the road. It's a great feeling to have your achievements spotted by management, but we truly think it's an incredible feeling to have those you work with notice it as well as being able to reward it. 

What's our greatest asset?  

In answer to the question above, it is each and every Fun Expert within our organisation that are our greatest asset. They are the ones who represent the brand whilst out on events and have helped shape Sunshine Events to who we are today.