What's new for 2023?!

What's new for 2023?!
| 10-01-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Happy New Year! It's officially 2023, which means a new year, new us and all that jazz... not to worry though, we're still the still the same old Fun Experts delivering entertainment to your events across the nation all year round, just with even more fun on its way!

Last year saw the return of large scale events and with that came a whole host of new equipment to keep our clients entertained no matter the occasion or number of guests. Our new for 2022 Table Top Games such as the Mineshaft Madness, Flap Attack and Maze Runners proved extremely popular last year due to their ability to add some friendly competition to all kinds of events from outdoor summer Fun Days to Exhibition stands to Corporate Celebrations. But the fun doesn't stop there, because without giving too much away we have plenty more to come in 2023...


As I'm sure you'll all know by now, technology is something that is constantly developing and who knows what 2023 has in store? What we do know, is that The Fun Experts already have plans to expand on our ever popular Photobooth and Magic Selfie Mirror ranges with further technology and new interactive equipment.

With a high demand for Family Fun Day entertainment come summer time, this year we're making it our mission to go above and beyond and have our amazing packages updated with even fresher Inflatable fun as well as new additions to our range of classic Funfair Side Stall games that we have already!


That's all we can let you in on for now! You'll have to watch this space and keep your eyes peeled here and on our social media pages e.g., Instagram and LinkedIn for updates on all the fun coming up.