What does yesterday's announcement mean for your event?

What does yesterday's announcement mean for your event?
Health & Safety | 15-06-2021 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Great News...Fun can continue!

You'll no doubt be up to date with yesterday's announcement as Boris Johnson announced that Step 4 of the Roadmap will be delayed.

The great news is that Fun can continue to be delivered and The Fun Experts can attend your events. In line with the guidelines of Step 3 that have been in place since 17th May 2021, there are very few restrictions that impact your event and we can continue delivering Fun in a safe and secure way, providing certain guidlelines are met.

Events continue...

Inline with Step 3 of Government Guidance (in place since 17th May, 2021), Events that are able to commence include:

1. Where people are likely to congregate in one area for the duration of the event.

2. People are likely to enter or leave the venue in large numbers at a similar time.

You can find more details in this very useful blog that The Fun Experts put together, based on detail taken from Gov.UK.

In line with guidance, the following capacity limits are in place:

1. 1,000 people or 50% of a venue's capacity, whichever is lower indoors.

2. 4,000 people or 50% of a site or venue's capacity, whichever is lower at outdoor events.

In planning your event, there are a number of things that should be adhered to to show that reasonable steps are being taken to limit the risk of transmission. This includes undertaking a Risk Assessment and adhering to legal requirements, ensuring that social distancing between groups attending your event can be maintained - wondering how you do this, scroll down to see how The Fun Experts can support you with this.

One thing has been clear throughout the last year - outdoor is best! The fresh air, the space!

One thing we've found being confused around attending events and 'numbers' is around groups of 30. So for example at an outdoor event, it isn't that only 30 people can attend - it is that within the groups that attend, there should be no more than 30 people in that group and capacity levels should allow for groups not to mix and remain socially distanced.

Let's plan your event!


Are you excited to start planning an event but feel confused by the changing rules and how to ensure Covid compliance?

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