Welcoming your new Fun Experts!

Welcoming your new Fun Experts!
The Fun Experts Team | 27-04-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Don't worry, your old faithfuls aren't going anywhere ;) It's just that things are about to get very busy here, hence why over the last few weeks we've been recruiting a brand new team of Fun Experts (Check out the blog post Here) and have since selected 32 applicants to join us for a summer full of fun. Our last two weeks have been spent inducting them, giving them an insight into life on the Events Team and welcoming them to the Fun Expert family!

When the new starters arrived, they were shown into our aptly named 'Green Room' for a presentation by Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell, who gave each of the groups a bit of the background on how the business started and the journey to where we are as well, as our mission and values. Then it was over to Logistics Co-Ordinator, James, who gave the inductees a health and safety brief, explaining what is expected of our events team to keep themselves and the client safe when out on their events, after which they each completed their Manual Handling training. Finally they were introduced to the sales team by Fun Expert Dom, where they were able to see how an enquiry turns into a booking before it is passed onto them ready to be delivered to the client. 

Next it was downstairs to the warehouse for the fun stuff! The groups of inductees were each introduced to their new roles and shown what will be expected of them by warehouse staff Adrian and Danny, for example completing job sheets, loading vans ready to head out across the UK delivering entertainment to your events and finally testing out our equipment. This gave the new recruits a chance to see the kind of entertainment that we provide and how it would be set up and operated efficiently at different events, kit that was tested included Interactive Games including Flap Attack and our Mega Buzz Wire, the Magic Selfie Mirror and Fun Food Carts, where each of the inductees got the chance to make the perfect stick of Candyfloss. Even Fun Expert and Sales Team member Kirsty couldn't resist having a go!

To end the day, our new drivers were given the chance to take our vans for a spin, heading out on the road for the first time in preparation for their first event, following demonstrations in carrying out vehicle inspections by James. We're sure that all of our new Fun Experts are going to do a fantastic job at bringing the fun to events across the nation this year and you can definitely expect to see a few of their faces if you have one booked in with us! Fancy joining the team? There's always room for more hands on deck especially during the summer months, so head on over to our Become a Fun Expert page for details on how to apply!