Christmas Surprise & Giveaway Winners

Christmas Surprise & Giveaway Winners
News Articles and Talks | 15-01-2016 | Posted By James Sandwell

It’s always nice to get something special at Christmas. We certainly think so, and so do our lucky competition winners! 

Here at Sunshine Events, we wanted to spread fun and happiness by giving you the chance to nominate one person who deserves a special present from Santa. 

This competition went down a treat, with a fantastic number of people getting in touch and when it comes to Christmas spirit, you lot don’t disappoint! From revelations about supportive work colleagues, family members and special friends, it was so much fun to read all of your stories. 

In the end, a surprise nomination from Edge Hill University was the story that brought a little sunshine to our office. This entrant got in touch looking to reward work colleagues for all their time and effort put into organising events including a shopping trip, carol singing, family film club and the ever popular Jingle and Mingle Christmas party!

Now, for the runners up… 

As you know, we are the experts in all things fabulous, festive and of course fun so it’s hardly surprising this modest entry from Maxine at the Royal Exchange Theatre deserved a special something. 

“Santa baby, can you slip a cheeky bottle of champagne into my stocking? I deserve some celebratory fizz in my life” 

This nomination comes from a hard working theatre goer, who loves nothing more than putting on a Christmas party for her actors and theatre staff with a little help from our funky funsters - you’re very welcome! 

So last, but by no means least, is the nomination of a devoted mother, Debbie Burns. We loved coming to surprise this lovely lady, who has shared her energy, drive and enthusiasm for life with her children, grandchildren and hundreds of staff members at Age UK.  

“She deserves a little something to just let her know that we are all super proud of her.”

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered; whenever we look through our emails we can’t stop smiling. We’ll be holding more competitions this year, so if you’re interested in winning a fabulous prize with us, keep an eye on the Sunshine Events blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook for updates.