Make Your Christmas Party Fun

Make Your Christmas Party Fun
Event Inspiration | 09-10-2015 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Did you see our blog post about Planning A Christmas Party a few weeks back? Well as we said back then, Christmas is quickly approaching!

Here's our top 10 ways to have fun over the festive period:

1. Meet & Greet With Santa

We all know that Father Christmas is very much real, and it is a true honour to meet the main man at any age, especially around this time of year when he is so busy.

At Sunshine Events we have been working with Santa for a number of years so if we tell him we have an event somewhere, he always makes a note in his diary to ensure he makes it!

Whether you fancy meeting Santa in a Christmas Grotto, or in your very own Winter Wonderland, we have the perfect package for you.

2. Snow Globe

Based on those miniature snow globes we all used to shake around and watch as the snow fell, we have a giant globe that you can step inside and really get in the festive mood.

Our Giant Snow Globes are great fun and the perfect photo opportunity. As you walk through you make yourself part of the scene all whilst snow is falling around you, you won’t want to get out!

3. Photo Booth

Photo Booths are a great way to make memories last forever. Our Christmas Photo Booths come with lots of fun props, a guest book, a USB containing all your images and much more. 

4. Digital Graffiti Wall

Our Digital Graffiti Wall is a huge 8 foot screen which everyone can spray paint with any design they wish or onto a set background with a hand held digital can of spray paint. There is a great choice of sprays, brushes and effects so you can create whatever you can imagine. You will also receive a copy of the image from our state of the art printer too, to show off your artistic talent for years to come!

5. Pick & Mix

A Pick And Mix Cart is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter how old they are! Whether you want it to be filled with festive sweets or a variety of sweets to tease your guest’s taste buds, we can help.

6. Reindeer Racing Roll A Ball

All the partygoers can help Santa deliver his parcels on time by getting Donner, Blitzen, Comet and of course Rudolph to fly as fast as possible through the night sky with this Reindeer Racing Roll a Ball game.

7. Simulator

Test your balance skills on a Rodeo Reindeer or Snowboard Simulator at your Christmas party. Hold on tight to Rudolph as be bucks, spins and twists through the winter sky, or keep your feet steady to stay upright on a snowboard as you speed down the piste. It’s also a lot of fun to watch your friends and family tumble off!

8. Buzz Wire

Test your nerves and try to keep a steady hand as you work around the Christmas Tree Buzz Wire. Each user has three chances to get around the tree without a ‘BUZZ’! The more they try, the more they giggle, the harder it gets for them and the more entertaining for you.

9. Cash Grab

Once the timer starts it’s time to grab, grab, grab. There’s lots of options to fill the Cash Grabber; gift vouchers, one golden ticket, different coloured tickets and many more. With lights changing colour in the Cash Grabber as the countdown gets shorter it becomes an hilarious struggle to grab what you want to!

10. Walkabout Characters

Whether you would like to see a 9 Foot Snowman or a cuddly Santa Bear walking around your Christmas event, we can help. Both these friendly chaps are good friends of Santa Claus so they know how important it is to bring that extra special festive feeling to any event. Santa Bear is particular fond of a selfie too, so is a great guy to have around if you want to make memories to look back on forever.


For more inspiration for you Christmas celebrations, check out our Christmas Section. Whether you’re having a party with a few friends and family, or organising a work’s do with a few hundred, we can help you.

 At Sunshine Events, we have a huge selection of high quality equipment to suit your needs. To ensure that your Christmas Party is successful and everyone has a lot of fun, get in touch with our fun experts now.