Fun Experts + Headlines = Breaking News!

Fun Experts + Headlines = Breaking News!
News Articles and Talks | 17-10-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

The month of October proved to be a successful one as we, the Fun Experts®, hit the headlines across the country talking all things Sunshine Events!

We’re always proud to see our hard work recognised and we’ve featured in some truly tremendous publications throughout the month of October. All sorts of stories have been the topic of conversation including our new expansion to Milton Keynes and our new client wins, which see Sunshine Events working with some major international brands.

What a month it's been, all the while we're still having fun as true Fun Experts® would, joining you at Corporate Events, Exhibitions and so much more across the UK. With November now upon up, here’s hoping Sunshine Events is once again hitting the headlines and no doubt with some festive cheer with Christmas on the horizon!

Want to see where we’ve featured? Just follow the links via the publications below:

Inflatable Hungry Hippos - the key to event success?

Events firm opens new base in Milton Keynes

Award winning firm expands to Milton Keynes

Sunshine Events secures contracts with Boots and Arnold Clark

Invite the Fun Experts® to your next event!

A fantastic month of hitting the headlines and that's all while we continue with the day to day: delivering fun nationwide to your event. So if you want to work with an Award Winning Events company, then give our team of Fun Experts® a call and let's start a fantastic journey today!