Employer of the Year

Employer of the Year
Awards | 10-10-2018 | Posted By James Sandwell

It only feels like yesterday since we walked away as the BIBA's 2017 employer of the year. It is an accolade that still humbles us to this day and we still can't quite believe it!

Jim and I have worked incredibly hard over the last 15 years to build the Sunshine Events brand to be the leading fun equipment hire company within the UK. However, there is never any doubt in our minds that we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our amazing employees, The Fun Experts. 

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Supplying equipment to our clients is only the beginning, we provide high-quality service from our employees who are the most important asset to the entire Fun Expert family. The key to ensuring great service from our Fun Experts is ensuring they enjoy everything their job entails and that they want to keep coming back to work. 

Being the best employer isn't just about giving your employees a pat on the back or giving them a financial reward, it's about having a strong relationship that is built on open communication, understanding and trust. When we started the Sunshine Events brand many years ago, we built it with our core values at the very centre of how we operated.

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We have never wanted our employees to feel they must follow us because it was in their contract, we have always made sure that The Fun Experts walk side by side with us and enjoy being on the same journey as me and Jim, ensuring they continue to grow on their adventure. 

It was quoted by Dr Lis Smith, Principal and Chief Executive at Preston’s College “These days, people look for more than a good wage and hours which suit them, they quite rightly want a business which is going to develop them personally and in their skills and which offers a great working environment". Also, “All of these things and so many others go into being a good employer and will help a business to retain their very top talent".

Fun Expert of The month

We are strong believers in the ethos that "you're only as successful as the team you surround yourself with" and we practice this every day we come into the office. Whether it's celebrating our 'Fun Expert of the Month' or giving out awards at the end of the year, our employees are the life and sole of The Fun Expert family and we will always go above and beyond when rewarding and nurturing the growth of our staff. 

As The Fun Expert brand continues to grow year on year, the core values and foundation on which it was built will continue to be at the forefront of everything that Fun at Work, Sunshine Events and The Fun Depot continue to do.