Choosing the right type of entertainment for your event

Choosing the right type of entertainment for your event

& EngagiSo, you have set the date for your event, you’ve spent hours choosing the perfect venue and your belly is full from sampling the menu (hands up if this is your favourite part too!) but what’s next? Organising an unforgettable event involves much more than your master plan might have originally intended. In a world where we can watch a cat play the piano, an 86-year-old grandma do backflips (we promise, this is a real thing!) and even check out 3 foot tall mohawks, we are always expecting MORE. 

Organising the perfect event involves much more than finding the right venue and choosing the menu. It’s a bit like baking a cake, although these elements are of course important ingredients, no cake is complete without that showstopper cherry on top and for us, that’s the entertainment.  

It’s no secret that every event planner wants to add that WOW factor and entertainment can be the key you have been looking for!

What’s the purpose of the event?

The right entertainment can set the tone for a brilliant event or leave your guests awkwardly watching the clown hand out inflatable poodles at your grandma’s funeral (we should add that she hated dogs…) What’s most important is understanding your occasion. Why are you organising the event? What do you hope to achieve? Answers to these questions may point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your entertainment.

It goes without saying that the entertainment at a Team Building event will be very different than what you might expect to see at a Wedding (unless the bride wants to turn into a giant Hungry Hippo!) A wedding is one of the most special days two people can experience and of course they will want to capture those special memories. Adding a sprinkle of entertainment to the bride’s day might involve a state-of-the-art Photo Booth or the latest Magic Selfie Mirror, of course accompanied by some Giant Games to cater for all ages (adults love them to!) Whereas a team building event might see guests run, duck and jump through an inflatable It’s a Knockout or transport to the Sumo Ring as two wrestlers have the unique ability to make each other laugh, and everybody around them!

Have you considered a theme?

Choosing a theme can often be your holy grail for choosing the right type of entertainment. Stuck for ideas? Why not ask your guests to saddle up their horses and head to the saloon for a Wild Western theme event? Ok ok we heard you, horses aren’t your thing, then why not take guests to the tropics and bring the sun, sea and sand no matter what time of year, because who doesn’t love some sunshine? Better still, why not inject the glitz and glamour with a Hollywood themed event, did someone say 007? Whatever the theme, there is plenty of unique and unforgettable entertainment out there to accompany.

Will there be children at the event?

At this point, you might think that knowing you audience is stating the obvious but making sure that your entertainment is appropriate for the age range of guests is vital. Not only will it save you pulling your hair out when you’re questioned where the children’s area is for the zillionth time (there isn’t one Doris!), it will make sure that your guests will remember your event as a huge success!

Children’s entertainment doesn’t have to be as simple as a clown or children’s entertainer (although we do love a juggling show!) think outside the box with Circus Skills workshops, Children's Dino Inflatable Slide and Bouncy Castles or giant childhood classic games like Jenga and Connect 4 - trust us when we say that the adults will love these too!

Consider your guests tastes, not your own!

So your birthday parties are always the highlight of the year, you’re great at cracking the jokes and even better at keeping the Prosecco flowing for your girls but when planning an event, no matter what your preference in entertainment might be, never put your taste ahead of your guests.

As chief bridesmaid, you’ve been tasked with choosing the entertainment for the big day. The bride-to-be idolises Abba and would love a tribute act! You? You would rather stick ear plugs in your ear or rock out to Green Day – but tough! Niche musical groups will always be hit-and-miss with any crowd, likewise, not everyone will want to hop on a Rodeo and therefore, having a variety of entertainment is the best option to suit as many of your guests as possible (even Doris too!)

Remember, you’ll never be able to please everyone but do your research, inject some laughter and of course, add a sprinkle of fun and your event is sure to be one to remember (for all the right reasons!)