World Down Syndrome Day 2018

World Down Syndrome Day 2018
Business For Good | 21-03-2018 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Today is the day folks were it doesn't matter that you were in a rush getting dressed this morning and ended up with odd socks! Because today, for World Down Syndrome Day 2018, everyone is invited to go a little crazy and wear odd socks. The odder the better!

For such a fantastic cause in raising awareness around Down Syndrome and focusing on the positive, people across the world have embraced the fun and as Fun Experts®, well we couldn't help ourselves...

Bringing smiles to faces everywhere recently was this fantastic video that James Corden called "...the most beautiful carpool. It made me cry.” This is sure to warm your heart as you're introduced to 50 ordinary mums and 50 ordinary 4 years, with one tiny connection.

In raising awareness, Down Syndrome International have a number of aims through their campaign:

  • Explain how people with Down syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions throughout their lives, whether in schools, workplaces, living in the community, public and political life, culture, media, recreation, leisure and sport;
  • Explain how negative attitudes and a lack of knowledge about their potential as individuals prevent people with Down syndrome from having opportunities to make contributions;
  • Empower people with Down syndrome (and those supporting them) to advocate for their rights and opportunities to make meaningful contributions and 
  • Reach out to key stakeholders including educators, employers, public authorities, media and the wider community to ensure they see the benefits of enabling people with Down syndrome to make meaningful contributions and encourage these stakeholders to bring about change and disseminate this message.  

So come on folks, tweet your feet and #OddSocks #WorldDownSyndromeDay2018