We say Batak, you say Chase the Light!

We say Batak, you say Chase the Light!
Event Inspiration | 14-03-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Names are a funny thing; how often have you wondered 'What! Why on Earth is it called that?' Seriously...people, things, anything! Some make us laugh and then there is...


We say Batak, you say eh? You're probably searching on Google for 'that chase the light thing' which is essentially what it is.  We doubt anyone is searching for Batak on Google unless they want to learn more about the collective ethnic groups found in North Sumatra (nice little fact for you there!). We can't tell you why it's called this (sorry, we've failed you!) BUT we can tell you what it is, why it is one of the most popular items we hire and why you want it for your event!

What is the Batak?

It is essentially Chase the Light but with some fantastic added extras.  Originally devised to test the limits of athletes, their speed and hand eye co-ordination, there are a range of Bataks from the 'Pro' to the 'Lite'.


The Pro version is the big one but size is not where it ends. The challenge is already that little bit more difficult with the number of buttons to reach and hit. But most appealing are the variety of challenges available; from the standard 'Accumulator' in which you have 60 seconds to strike as many lights as possible, to other games that include using your brain and a bit of mathematics.

Though a bigger footprint, the scale is still very minimal compared to something like a Roll A Ball or a Photo Booth.

Even better, the Batak Pro can be played by all ages as.  Kid's won't need a stool or a bench to reach the top, we can simply lockout the top lights so children only hit targets within reach!


The little brother! Though obviously smaller in size of frame, none of the fun is taken away.  The Lite is perfect for those smaller spaces to fit in (especially exhibition stands) but looses none of it's competitive edge.  The Lite features fewer games but the all important Accumulator challenge is still available.

Why should I hire the Batak for my event?

These challenges are made with a slick, eye catching design. The best way to often get people involved is with something to interact with, something to challenge them and the Batak family do just this.

A popular choice for Exhibitions and Promotional Events, you can even brand the equipment, giving you a large canvas to display your brand / company logo.

Perfectly suited as a competition, you'll find guests return again and again to see if they can keep - or even get - their name to the top of the leaderboard. With the LED displays, you'll find it easy to track how well guests are doing!

When can I hire the Batak?

Last week, yesterday, today ... right NOW! Both the Batak Pro and Lite are available to hire for your upcoming event now, all you need do is speak to the Fun Experts® and discuss your event. That is of course if we're not trying to beat the current company record of 129 in 60 seconds!

Fancy taking the challenge and trying to beat our office score yourself, you can pop in and have a go!

So whether you're organising your office do, preparing a new product launch or simply after some added fun at your next fun day, add this to Your Quote now.