Virtual Reality is here but be warned, it may make your reality seem a little...dull!

Virtual Reality is here but be warned, it may make your reality seem a little...dull!

When the words VR or Virtual Reality are spoken, I always thought Sci – Fi!  So bad they’re good 80’s movies like The Lawnmower Man, where virtual reality, a technology that would allow you to enter another world, seemed an impossibility.  Decades have passed since then; tv shows, food, fashion and hair-do’s have all massively improved over the years (especially the latter!) and so has the advancement in technology. 

This blog was intended to a review of VR; a way to describe to you how much of an experience you and your guests would take away from a virtual experience at your upcoming event.

I’m not a gamer, I’m not sat at home playing Call of Duty for hours on end….I’m a little busy attending events like yours, spreading little rays of fun from Sunshine Events.  When I can, I like to take the kids out for walks and adventures, sure I play the odd game, I love watching movies.  But more importantly I enjoy ‘feeling’ life pass by, so what kind of experience would Virtual Reality offer me?

… An exhilarating, breath-taking, unbelievable experience; without a doubt.

Offering a Virtual Reality Experience as one of our many products for hire to our corporate clients was without doubt an opportunity we wouldn’t want you to miss out on.  It’s true, technology has advanced to a point where VR seems more real than reality.  So forget the cheesy 80’s sci-fi movies and their promise of a certain future – our Virtual Reality is more than could ever have been imagined.

There are a wide variety of experiences available … and that’s the important thing to remember.  The experience.  Virtual Reality is not just for gamers.  It offers an unbelievable experience that will mesmerize and astonish your senses. 

Placing on a pair of goggles surely can’t transport you to another dimension … can it?  

I’ve come to write this just after a quick trek around Italy!  I’ve never been, but my sense of sight allowed every other sense to feel like I was truly there.  The detail in architecture was real.  It is Italy, I’m just not physically stood in Italy ... but I felt I was.

The 3D effect once you enter Virtual Reality through the simplicity of placing on the headset (we’re using the HTC Vive) ensures that, even though you’re aware you’re stood within a small area in the real world, you very soon lose any inhibition that would normally tell you as such.  Instead you instantly want to go and explore another continent; you can feel as though you’re stood in the depths of the deep blue sea; or you really do need to defend your castle from the oncoming medieval horde!

With our Virtual Reality Experience, which is now ready to hire for your event, there are a host of adventures and experiences for you to try.  From the fast paced Audio Shield that will have you move your feet to an awesome beat while defending yourself with two shields to the experience of InBlu and being up close to a very real Blue Whale, the opportunities here really are endless.

Our Virtual Reality hire has everything you need to ensure that you get the best experience.  Using the HTC Vive headset, powered by Steam, the game play / experiences are an exceptional High Def quality; brighter and clearer than you could ever have imagined.  The hi spec PC that we use ensures quick, steady play so no interruptions / disconnections after you place on the headset.  While you or a guest enter the virtual reality, other guests can look on at what they see using the LED or projected display.  And then there is us, the Fun Experts.  We’re here to make sure that everyone comes away with the wow factor!

This is just the start of what Sunshine Events intends to offer as part of it’s Virtual Reality experiences, as further advancements and experiences are fast approaching or in development, you should defintely #WatchThisSpace for what else is to come in the future.

The question now is, how long will it be before you realise this experience is perfect for your guests at your upcoming event!

 Warning: Virtual Reality may make your reality seem a little … dull.