Fun Expert of the Month - September 2016

Fun Expert of the Month - September 2016
The Fun Experts Team | 30-09-2016 | Posted By Camille Bradshaw

Through hard work and determination (lots of laughter too!), our whole team are proud to be recognised nationally as The Fun Experts – we know you’re envious of our job title.

Each month the Fun Experts take to the polling station as they vote for the Fun Expert of the Month recognising those who have gone above and beyond in ensuring that your event is the one to remember. It helps us to keep smiling and loving what we do!

Drum roll please...

September 2016’s Fun Expert of the Month goes to… DAVE LEE, our Logistics and Events Assistant!

Dave is responsible for confirming all the logistical aspects when booking your event. His excellent attention to detail ensures that our Fun Experts arrive on site prepared for whatever they come across - trust us when we say expect the unexpected!

He is efficient in ensuring that the sales team have taken all the relevant and correct information required when a booking is added (if you ever wonder why we ask you more questions than Sherlock Holmes, then this is your answer!)

Dave is otherwise known as the silent warrior…rarely mentioned in our internal feedback posts despite being the middle man between the events and sales staff ensuring that there are no cracks (most of the time!)

In receipt of this delightful treat, Sunshine Events would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the Fun Experts – your consistent effort and hard work makes a significant impact in bringing the FUNshine to all of our events!

(Did we mention that he also won Fun Expert of the Year award 2015 AND a three time winner of Fun Expert of the Month – Dave has more awards than Beyoncé and Adele combined!)

We would also like to congratulate other nominees for this month which include Adrian Lee, Camille Bradshaw, Will Thomson, Mark Morrison and Larissa Pointer – thank you to all our sunshines who keep helping to make Sunshine Events fantastic!