Sunshine Events are serious about fun!

Sunshine Events are serious about fun!
Health & Safety | 21-06-2017 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Here at Sunshine Events, we are serious about fun. Our goal is to provide our clients with a great event experience and deliver our wide range of products in a fantastic - sorry FUNtastic - but safe manner. If you clicked on this blog post then there's a chance that you're interested in finding out a little more about our safety procedures? Or maybe you're just trying to procrastinate from doing that deadline (don't worry, we won't tell anyone). Either way, now you're here we invite you to take a look around! As well as seeing all the brilliant equipment we provide and the amazing feedback we receive from our clients, you will also find our Health and Safety section (pssst! It's just down there, in the purple bit!) 

We think this section of our website is pretty snazzy as it enables any one of you sunshines to download the latest insurance certificates, risk assessments and method statements for every piece of equipment we operate. And yes, we said EVERY - did we mention we have over 365 different pieces of fun equipment? From the Giant Games Area Hire to the Wipe Out Inflatable Challenge Hire, all of our products are risk assessed to give our clients complete trust and transparency in what we do. 

We understand that to many people, the provision of safety instruction and detail is as important as your choice of equipment for your event and we want you to know that we have you covered! (You're welcome) 

Pat Testing: 

This is the electrical testing of every piece of equipment we have. From the fans that inflate our colourful range of inflatables to the plug that keeps the ice cream cold in our Traditional Ice Cream Bike Hire, everything is tested every 6 months to ensure safety and compliance. Wait, did someone say ice cream? Gimme! And yes if you're wondering, these certificates are available on request for every item (all 1500 of them!) 

Mechanical Testing: 

Even a Rodeo Bull needs a rest now and again and every year all of our mechanical equipment is returned to the ranch (well, manufacturer) for thorough servicing, inspection and testing. We like to think of it as a Rodeo MOT! Like cars, everything needs testing everything 12 months to make sure that everything is fine and dandy! And again (you guessed it!) all certification is available on request.

Inflatable Testing: 

Our Fun Experts LOVE this one because it means we get to have fun on our equipment as well! (They don't call it the Fun Towers for nothing!)  Every year our complete range of every inflatable is tested by a PIPA registered inspector. Anchor points, stitching and blower tubes are some of the many things that are inspected and it gives us chance to have a play, bounce or scramble through everything from the Children's Dino Inflatable Slide Hire to the full Assault Course Run Hire because of course, the FUN needs testing too!

Our relationship with PIPA and ITS testing enables you to request every certificate you receive from us if you wish to cross-check it (we're not offended, promise)

Interested? Head over to PIPA and Bouncy Castle Testing and input the TAG/Certificate number. Here you will see the full test sheet supported by a photo of the actual piece of equipment (the real thing!) so you can be super safe in the knowledge that it is tested and in great condition. If the test is out of date, you won't find the equipment (but that won't happen with us, you have our word) 

As a side note or you could say top tip, all of our certificate is available in digital format. If you are ever presented with a photocopy of a certificate (not by us) please ensure you check its validity on the sites above! 

Our team of Fun Experts: 

Each and every one of our Fun Experts love what they do and are here for you and your event. Their knowledge and expertise will shine through (excuse the pun). On the day, the team attending your event will stand out just as much as the equipment you hire. You can trust that they are fully trained in the equipment they supervise and are there to ensure that your event runs smoothly. 

You can see more of our happy faces by visiting our Instagram, we promise it will make you smile!

Going that bit further...

We believe that organising an event is a bit like baking a cake, it's never complete without that final cherry on top and you can think of us as the extra extra EXTRA sprinkles. Your customer journey with Sunshine Events is very important to us; from our expert sales team handling your enquiry and booking through to the logistics team who will help you all the way to your event date, we are here to help and offer our expertise, from product advice to event site plans and visits, we are only a call away!