Lights, Camera... Action!

Lights, Camera... Action!
News Articles and Talks | 08-02-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Remember this ...

The camera's are ready to roll...again!

A few months back, the Fun Experts began to unveil our new look product videos!  Our aim was to simply answer your questions and give you a good ol' look at what each product actually was, what makes it up, how it works and so on.

You've seen the fun that guests of other events have had with our equipment from our collection of 'live' videos; the video on our homepage is a fantastic intro to the fun you and your guest can have at any event.  But you asked to see the equipment up close, to give you some more info as to what you get when you hire these fantastic products.  So of course we answered with our new product video, starting with some of our more popular items such as Roll A Ball Donkey Derby, Batak, Gold Cup and many more.

Knowing how well these would be received - we're not viral but 1000's of views isn't to be sniffed at - and how appreciated they would be by you, our customer, we owe it to you to show you more, so come on Matt .... time to get your ears lowered, the beard trimmed and share your knowledge with everyone.

What's next...

The cameras are already rolling on the likes of the Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality Experience.  

But what would you like to see next?  As the cold weather nears its end (summer can't come quick enough), we'll be bringing you an intro to some of our fantastic inflatables such as the Climbing Wall and the massively popular Hungry Hippos.

And then there is the new stuff too! Oh yes we have some fantastic new products coming soon! We don't like keeping secrets from you but the big unveil will be soon, showcasing all the fab new fun to have and to share nationwide.

In the meantime you can stop by our Youtube channel and catch a glimpse of Matt showing you everything you need to know about some fun equipment that is readily available to hire for your event.