Let it Shine!

Let it Shine!
Event Inspiration | 06-06-2018 | Posted By James Sandwell

Wow! People of Britain rejoice, we are one of the hottest countries in the world right now! Who turned on the Sunshine?

Ok, so as Brits we like the rain, it gives us something to have a bit of a moan about but let's face it, this weather is fab! Breaking 60 year records and better still, this is heat created by our little own island, we haven't even begun to benefit from the heat and sunshine that those smart weather folk tell us comes from abroad - there is a more scientific way of putting it but we're only Experts® in Fun!

So what better way to celebrate!

Many of you are already taking the opportunity to make full use of the glorious sunshine and booking your events. From Family Fun Days to Corporate Team Building events, the Fun Experts® have got their hands full as they travel the UK to deliver fun to all.

As the heatwave is set to continue for a few weeks at least, there is no better time to hold an event. With equipment inflatable equipment ranging from Slides and Bouncy Castles and Assault Courses to Hungry Hippos, Sunshine Events have over 375 products which make for the perfect addition to your event.

To take full advantage of this glorious weather, speak to our team of Fun Experts® today and enquire for your upcoming event!