A to Z of Events: D is for...

A to Z of Events: D is for...
Event Planning Advice | 30-05-2018 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Your A - Z Guide to organising an Event

continues as we reach the fourth letter of our event alphabet, and with D comes...

a very important Date!

That's right, the big day! Whether tasked with organising the companies annual Family Fun Day or that big day you've been dreaming of since using a pillow case as a veil (we've all done it), the date of your event could make it or break it!

Believe it or not, there is so much to consider when planning what actual day on the calendar to circle and put on the invites. If outdoors, you'll be hoping for sunshine, so the spring and summer months are no doubt best. When can people actually attend, is a weekday or weekend best? And what time of day? So many questions...so, here are a few points to help you:

Family Fun Day

Summer is always best, there is no doubt. And although the great British weather can't always be trusted, it makes sense to look to the summer months. April, May, June, July, August, September - these are great months to hold your fun day event. Weekends are best to - but don't dismiss weekdays when schools break up, especially for community fun days. 

As for time, 4 hours is the perfect length for a fun day - not too long and not too short. Aim for an 11am or 12pm start!

University Events / College Events

You'll soon see your calendar quickly fill up when organising Univeristy and College Events. Open Days, Freshers Week SU events, Graduation - so much is going on and uni life goes by so quickly. The memories however, they stay for a long time.

With so much happening on the calendar in a year, it's important not to clash and time the events well. Plan well in advance!


The date here is what's important to you. You may be tying the date in with an anniversary; a time of year that means more to you both; a white winter wedding perhaps. When it comes to the evening entertainment, time is key. Most evening 'dos' start between 7 - 8pm, but consider that the day may overrun (the father of the bride can go on a bit), but don't rush these moments !

Exhibitions / Promotions

Ok so this one can be restricted when part of a large expo - when you're exhibiting, the date isn't set by you. But with so many exhibitions happening across the UK on a weekly basis, make sure you choose the right one for your launch; whether it be your brand, a new product or networking, choosing the right expo to exhibit at is key.

A day to remember!

Who knew how important the choosing of a date could be. One last thing to remember...try not to leave it too last minute. Give your guests plenty of time to know so pick a date well in advance and start planning. As exciting as it is to plan an event, the time will fly by and the big day will soon be here.

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