Fun Expert of the Month - October 2014

Fun Expert of the Month - October 2014
The Fun Experts Team | 31-10-2014 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

It's that time of the month again in which one of the Sunshine Events team is nominated Fun Expert of the Month by their colleagues.  Following James and Lorria from previous months, this award goes to an individual who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them as a Fun Expert; ensuring that our customers receive the best quality at their event.

Last month saw a fantastic response in nominations for various members of the team, and the same can be said this time around.  Many of the Sunshine Events team have stood out to their fellow fun experts and here is what was said about a few nominees ...

"Dean is always hardworking and always puts a smile on everyones face when at an event.  He's a brilliant guy to work with and always puts in 100%"

"Whenever I find out I'm on an event with Gary I know it's going to a good one.  Trustworthy, hardworking and hilarious.  The essentiual ingredients to be a Fun Expert"

"Grace has been available whenever needed and always there to provide a smile to add that something little extra to making the Fun Experts events that bit better"

"I have chosen Ryan as he embodies what a Fun Expert is.  His knowledge of everything to do with Sunshine Events is outstanding.He cares not only about the staff but the client and the job at hand"

"Crispin is and infectious personality who is always smiling, ready to make people laugh and always ready to lend a hand.  A truly essential part of the team"

That is just the tip of the iceberg as to some of the comments made about this months nominations.

Attending many events throughout the UK, the team are always on hand to ensure that an event runs smoothly but above all else is filled with fun, excitement and entertainment.  Sunshine Events are proud of not only this months nominations but each and everyone of the Fun Experts.

And so, who will be passed the baton this month, first lets hear a few comments about this months winner;

"Shows initiative, can lead a team and always, no matter what the situation, puts the client and their event first"

"Absolutely great to work with, always at ease and enjoys everything about being a Fun Expert"

"The work she has done behind the scenes of late is not only of benefit to Sunshine Events but ensures that our customers know exactly what they are getting and that we offer a quality service / product"

This month's winner has been a part of the Sunshine Events family for quite some time now and has a fantastic knowledge of our products and the quality service we provide.  Recently this person has been behind the scenes, or more accurately behind the lens, as she has taken on the mammoth project of photographing our entire catalogue of products - many of the photos are in use now on our website and they aim to show a clear picture of the quality of product our customers hire.

In receipt of a nice little treat and a huge thank you from all of the Fun Experts, we are proud to announce that the winner of Fun Expert of the Month goes to ...


Congratulations!  And to all of the other nominees who also included Dominic and James this month, thank you also for you hard work in doing what we love to do each and every day!

Until next month, keep spreading the fun!