Fun Expert of the Month - January 2015

Fun Expert of the Month - January 2015
The Fun Experts Team | 31-01-2015 | Posted By James Sandwell

Fun Expert of the Month is back!  

It's time for the team to start racking up their nominations each month and try to take the crown of Fun Expert of the Year from 2014's much deserving winner, Gary Cartwright.

The new year started off with a bang for the Fun Experts and there was no rest for the wicked as teams travelled far and wide delivering fun across the country.  We beat the (late arrival of) snow as we ventured across the border in to Scotland and had some fantastic fun with the Giant Scalextric appeasing the high speed thrill seekers.  Travelling down south, we asked guests to 'Say Cheese' as they donned some funky props while snapping away in the Photo Booth!

Though to ensure that all this happened and that all was enjoyed by everyone involved, it require a special team, a team of Fun Experts.  And this month they have all unanimously come together in nominating the Fun Expert of the Month.

This individual doesn't shy away from standing out having been a previous recipitent of the award back in June 2014.  The praise from his colleagues includes words and phrases such as 'Hard Working', 'Trustworthy', 'Above and Beyond', 'Team Player', 'Knowledgeable' and 'a laugh'.

He is simply a pleasure to work with and we know that you, our friends and clients, will be agreement of his nominations.  Truly deserving of the award, this month's Fun Expert of the Month goes to the one and only ....

James Hindle

Take a bow good sir and congratulations!  Now let the race continue; with 11 more month's until 2015 comes to a close, who will we see as Fun Expert of the Year 2015?