Employing Dogs in the office is a brilliant and smart business idea!

Employing Dogs in the office is a brilliant and smart business idea!
The Fun Experts Team | 01-06-2020 | Posted By James Sandwell

Myself and Sunny are big fans of dogs, especially of our very own Cookie the Cockapoo. When she was a very young puppy she couldn't be left alone for longer than 10 minutes, so we would bring her along with us to Fun Towers. Fast forward a few years and shes never left our side here at the Fun Towers.


Recently, one of our Fun experts Ryan has begun bringing in his own dog Lunar into the office as she is only a puppy and therefore cannot be left alone for too long either. It's this recent development that got me thinking about just how positive and profound of an impact something as simple as an office dog can have on your employees and the overall atmosphere within the office.  

One of the major benefits of having a canine co-worker in your offices is that it helps to reduce stress......a lot! It has even been found by phycologists at the Central Michigan university that dogs help lower an individuals blood pressure as well as their heart rate. Every day I get to see first-hand how the co-operation, trust and team cohesion increases ten-fold when Cookie and Lunar are around the Fun Experts. 

Additionally, having our canine friends around the office really helps to create a positive relationship with our many visitors that come to visit the Fun Towers. Haveing our enthusiastic pooches on the welcoming committee really helps put the visitors at ease and you can see their joy and excitement when it comes to them saying their hellos. 

From my own (unbiased) point of view, I see it as highly beneficial to have a four-legged friend and work companion in your offices. Even when it comes to taking them for mid-afternoon walks, your employees won't hesitate to volunteer and have a 10-minute break from their desks to refresh their minds, reset their batteries and stretch the dog's legs, meaning everybody is a winner!