Arsenal BODOG Game Show

Arsenal BODOG Game Show
Event Inspiration | 27-03-2015 | Posted By Ryan Lee

The 1st Arsenal BODOG Game Show

The glamorous Game Master Jess Impiazzi had her work cut out for her recently as she headed the very first Arsenal BODOG Game Show.

Featuring two teams made up of Emiliano Martinez & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (The Rockets) and Calum Chambers & Olivier Giroud (The Shooters), the players were about to be tested on their knowledge of ..... their fellow team mates!

It was a moment which could make or break the players relationships as they were asked questions that only a really true team mate could answer.  Ok, so perhaps not that imperative!

With Fun Expert Mark at the controls of the Game Show (again!) and Miss Impiazzi at the ready with the questions, it was time for the very first Arsenal BODOG Game Show to begin.

First Half Kicks Off!

We can't help but think that the competitive side of the players is shining through as much here as it does on the pitch - we're looking at you Emiliano and Alex!

With a massive 400 point lead, you could think that the Rockets would have nothing to fear. But perhaps Calum and Olivier are leading them in to a false sense of security; could the Shooters steal the game from them just before the final whistle.  It's time for the second half to kick off!

Second Half - It's still all to play for!

What a second half!  The Rockets continued to triumph over the Shooters but it was in the final moments that the Game Show was turned on it's head.  Had the Rockets made a substitution part way through the game there could have been a different outcome, though it has to be said that there was obviously a sneaky tactic played out in that second half by the Shooters.  Having said that, no one can take away their victory; the SHooters become the first champions of the Arsenal BODOG Game Show!

We will have to wait until next time to see which of Arsenal's squad will take on the champions and if they fair any better.  In the meantime, perhaps you fancy taking on some of your colleagues in your own Game Show; why not?  

Available to hire, we will tailor the Game Show to your very own requirements with a sparkly host (perhaps not as glamorous as Jess, but he will come with a fabulous gold sequin jacket!) and a fantastic experience you won't soon forget!

Call our very own quiz show elves now for more details!